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  • Hi everyone, I am brand new to wordpress, so go easy on me. 🙂

    I have dowloaded, I think it’s called “Minima” theme and am using it. I think it’s a common one used on Blogger. Anyway, I am having trouble customizing this thing. I have gotten it to a certain point and now I am stuck.

    Any help with this is GREATLY appreciated.

    Here is the blog in it’s current state:

    Here is what I would like to do:

    1: The theme doesn’t come with a header image in it, but I would like to add one. I tried opening the header page and inserting my own logo/banner. I uploaded the jpg of the logo within the same directory as the theme, I also tried putting it in other locations as well, and when the blog loads, the little “question” mark icon appears. So it knows there should be something there, it just can’t find it. This seems like it would be easy, but I’m pulling my hair out. FYI: the current blog state doesn’t have the missing link icon, I took it off.

    2: I have created some categories within the admin portion of Word Press; however, this theme doesn’t use them. How can I get them to show up?

    3: I would like to eliminate the whole “Meta” cluster, I don’t think I need it, and it looks a little cluttery. How should I do that?

    4: I would like to move the “Archives” section to the top, under the header. How do you reorder these things?

    5: the search feature is all messed up, maybe it’s searching my web site or something and not the blog? It directs to my error 404 page (not sure if that’s correct or not)

    6: Is there a utility/plug-in that makes the “writing”/posting of new entries a little more robust/user friendly?

    7: I don’t see a way of changing the font color in the Write a Post section. Is there a way to do it without cracking open the code, i.e. a GUI?

    I guess that’s about it.

    Even if you can only help with one of these items, I am VERY appreciative of the help.

    Thanks so much in advance

    Todd (aka: Word Press Newb)

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  • Sorry, one last thing. Is there a way of putting the Title of entries under the month it belongs to, in like a sub-head.


    September 2007
    Neil + Lisa
    Chris + Michelle
    etc. etc.

    August 2007
    etc. etc.

    This isn’t indenting the entries like I wanted as an example. Oh well.

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