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  • I’m a first time user. After following the instructions I was able to create a blog at: The problem is that my theme showed up with no color and just a vertical list of text with no formatting along the left side of the page. My attempts to edit my profile were denied because of incorrect password. It seems that with out a password there is absolutely no way to access support help at I found a routine to change passwords through phpMyAdmin. Although I believe I followed the instructions as per indicated it still wouldn’t let me log on. I somehow managed to re register, by entering my email address and my database user name. I was issued a new username and password with a line stateing that I can now login and enjoy. I login but still cannot access my original data. Can anyone offer me some help please?

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  • went to see your site… quite strange, indeed…
    did you customize any files?
    my advice would be to clean your database, re-upload all wp files to your server, and re-install from scratch – the famous 5 minutes install IS clean ‘n’ ezy.

    you could do that, and you could also check your stylesheet for any faults.

    Thanks for the reply. Which style sheet are you referring to and how do I access it? I have zero familiarity with the wordpress interface.

    I don’t think stylesheets are the main concern at this stage. It is access to the administration panel that stands in the way. Have you already got backups of your database? I suggest that you:

    * Copy to your hard-drive your entire WordPress directory as-is.

    * Copy (backup) the MySQL database to your hard-drive and check it at a shallow level to verify it’s complete.

    * Wipe the current installation, install at the same location and restore MySQL database. You can slowly put on bits from your previous installation, which you have on your hard-drive.

    Thanks for the help. I am really not at home with the workings of MySQL or any of the other under the hood activities. Finally however I managed to delete my table entries and then reinstall. This seems to have brought things back to normal for the time being.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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