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    I am wanting to copy my live site across to my local host (XAMPP) as a development site.I tried the duplicator plugin but could not build a package so moved to backupbuddy. Everything seems to work well with unzipping, migrating and all the other steps until I get to the final step and recieve a warning -index.html file found in WordPress root. When I verify the iported site functionality all I have is the blank wordpress site with nothing migrated. I have even uninstalled XAMPP and wordpress and started again from scratch and I still get the same result.
    Help please? I have several live sites I want to set up development sites for.

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    Download this plugin

    and then go to tools and click on Migrate DB.

    put the link in New address (URL) “http://localhost/your name of directory where you have put your theme. “


    put the path of your directory where you have put your theme in
    New file path for example


    Click the export button and save your database

    on localhost create a database and import.

    secondly compressed your whole wordpress site on live download it and put it on localhost and uncompressed it.

    do this every thing will be okay.

    I don’t know where the problem is. This was so nice and simple and the import worked beautifully. I can see all the files in the database in phpmyadmin but I still only see the blank wordpress site.
    Is there something I’ve filed to tick or check?



    Please make sure that you have use the proper link and the proper path.

    I know it is something to do with the import. When I reinstalled XAMPP I exported a different database to an outside file. i have imported this back in, configured and imported wordpress again and I have the same problem, even though I can see the tables are sitting in the data base in phpmyadmin.



    can you share with me the database you have export from your live server?

    I am reluctant to share the data base for a live site. I am now uninstalling xampp and will start again from scatch on the offchance that something crept in that shouldn’t be there. The live site is still running fine.Hopefully this time it will all show up.
    When I export that database it sends it to the download folder although I have the path as C:\xampp\htdocs\no1williamst. I have then copied it across to the htdocs folder. I assume this is correct?



    Hello dear you ruining on wrong way………

    the database your export and save then you need to create a database on localhost with same name as its on live site. or you can check your database name in wp-config.php file on main directory of your site.

    once you crate that database then click on that database, when its open then see on top and find the word import click on that and upload your datbase here by clicking browser button and upload then scroll down and find the word Go click on that and wait your datbase will then show you all fields. dont install the wordpress database will automatically installed it .

    and then refresh your site you will find a complete site there.

    and that’s it.

    Spyro I knew there was a step, or two missing!
    So for anyone out there who is looking for the answers I was … it’s not qite as simple as Spyro explains it … but it did introduce me to Migrate DB.
    I ended up paying for Migrate DB pro which has the advantage of being able to push and pull your data base from one site to another in a minute even more simply than Spyro has expressed it…and has good simple email support.
    Moving your database is only your data base. So here’s what I did to clone my live site to local host…
    set up a new blank database in my local host
    downloaded wordpress and copied the contents into a new folder with my database name in htdocs in Xampp,
    deleted the wordpress wp-contents folder in this new folder
    transfered the wp-contents folder from my live site to the database folder in htdocs using Filezilla.
    …so this sets up all the themes, plugins and media in the new local host site prior to transfering the data file.
    Now you can follow Spyro’s instructions, or if you want to spend a couple of dollars have a look at



    so you problem solved.

    i always use the free version.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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