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    Hi folks! I’m new here and new to, having moved my blog over from Typepad (with the help of a designer). Blog is

    We are trying to figure out how to add space between sidebar items. My designer suggested adding </br> between items, but it doesn’t do anything.

    Also wondering if we can add space between the sidebar headings (ex: Love These Bloggers… You Will Too) and the content right below the heading. It’s all crammed together.

    Thanks for helping this newbie!

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  • try using p>&nbsp</p or simply p></p / use < and > in front of p and after.

    Thx for the quick reply! I added p>&nbsp</p and it did give me the space I wanted, but now in that space you can see p> on the blog itself. You can see it here:

    <br /> moves text down a single line.
    <p>Some text</p> is for paragraphs.
    &nbsp; is for spaces.

    So you’re really wanting to use a combination of the last two:

    It worked! I’m putting that into my cheat sheet right now. THANKS to both of you.

    They say code is poetry. That’s not quite the word I’d use! 😉

    Better to use CSS to change a property like margin, padding or line-height for the list item in the sidebar… The “heading” of a list of pages, for example, is the h2 element (assuming the default here, you can control this with the title_li param for wp_list_pages(); )INSIDE an <li> tag in an unordered list
    <ul> which you CAN apply an id or class to, so a style rule like:

    li h2 {

    would affect the space below the heading. If you want to add space BELOW a list of pages or categories, adjust the rule that applies to the list itself (</ul>) as in:

    ul {

    It helps to understand CSS and honestly, the above is TOO generic. I’d add a class to the tag (eg. ul class=”pagelist”) and define the style’s bottom padding there.

    Between the list item, define bottom padding or line-height for li.cat_item or li.page_item… it depends on what type of list.

    What I wouldn’t do is use line breaks <br /> (which is what you would use for xhtml, not <br /> and not </br>. Nor would I use paragraph tags when not using paragraphical content. Remember, html elements should be semantically correct.

    If you can point to a site with the examples in mind, a person could be more specific about how to get what you want.


Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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