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    I forgot how to do this, so I map the domain in Cpanel. Then went to network admin and added new site.

    posted the setup site every single good until I tried to address the site from the URL. I got the base or root site instead of the new site I just added.

    Went back to view all sites, it was missing the domain for the map site.

    Went back to Cpanel and deleted the doname,removed that site on the site map, and installed it again. Same problem the last column is blank?

    anybody got any ideas. I was thinking that maybe the database has some garbage in it, but I’m not sure what the table name would be

    Many thanks

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  • Found DB File cnb34p_domain_mapping and the new domain is not present. that explains why it’s not working. Doesn’t look like any easy way to add to the database.


    1) Add new site

    2) Map domain via cpanel to the main install of WP

    3) Go to your domain mapping plugin’s page, and add the domain, pointing it to the right site.

    4) Beer.

    Hi thanks for the sugestions, alittel closer but not there yet.

    Doname is there is mapped on the master site. when I go to add the new Domain I get this error message “Missing or invalid site address.”

    Went to WHM confirmed DNS a record points to the correct IP address.

    anybody any ideas

    Remove step 3.

    Where does the mapped domian go?

    If that does not take you to the main domain, you mapped it wrong within Cpanel or WHM. Generally with cpanel you have to park the domain.

    It’e parked!
    but yesterday I decided to start a new network from scratch. When I tried to add first subdomain I got the same error message “Missing or invalid site address.”

    I feel like the guy who lost his wallet block away from the light where he was looking.

    At least I know where to look now, thanks for your help

    Look at the error message πŸ™‚

    If it’s NOT a WordPress styled one, then the problem isn’t WP πŸ˜‰

    Good point Thanks

    I’d like to report a solution to this problem! At last

    Part of the problem I believe is that I’m using cPanel, and most of the gruels are not.

    Anyway, I was in odesk on an unrelated problem and noticed how many WordPress experts they had. So I decided to post a job and see if someone else can do this for me.

    While there may be many WordPress experts there, none of them knew anything about domain mapping. I forgot about the job post after rejecting 25 or so applicants. Last week a new applicant, the first one who answered all the criteria mainly to give me the URLs of a few multiplayer sites that they had done.

    To make a long story short he not only solve the problem. But made some interesting changes to wp-config.php, robots text, installed a couple of helpful modules and more or less tuned up the whole site. All for under $100.

    I asked him if he would do it for a flat fee rather than by the hour. He agreed under the following conditions one that it’s a cPanel site two that he has FTP access.

    For a new site without any garbage in this price is $70 if it’s an existing site that needs repair the price $100. Now comes the interesting part. Is the owner and designer of a WordPress multiuser site with 99,000 some users His name is Mark de Scande and you can reach him at

    Hope that helps someone else!

    @ron Mahon Thank you for the kind words you have just made my day.

    I am not saying i am the best, there is some big boys out there just of the top of my head Ron and Andrea they were the two that made the domain mapping plug πŸ™‚

    Yes as you told me i make it look super easy πŸ™‚

    Dont for get i am a WordPress Freak and i am proud of it.

    Thank you Again for the kind words.

    Mark de Scande

    Hrrrm. Okay, be VERY careful selling your wares on .org. We don’t like people doing that (this forum is for free help from your peers, not getting work).

    Np Ipstenu (Mika Epstein)Half-Elf Support Rogue & Mod

    ‘Hrrrm. Okay, be VERY careful selling your wares on .org. We don’t like people doing that (this forum is for free help from your peers, not getting work).`

    I never even considered that, you are actually one of the most helpful people on the forums. Andra has saved my but to many times to count.

    I was so relieved to finally have a solution to this problem that I wanted to share it with other people in the same boat.

    I often wondered why no one offered to fix my problems for money I guess that explains that.

    so my question is I’m sure I’m not the only person that has a problem is there is a authorized way to make a recommendation or something like that?

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