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  • I’m having some trouble adding and editing pages in WP. We can add / edit posts without any issues. What’s happening, when I choose ether edit or add page, I get the page dialog screen, I make edits and hit Publish. Publishing the page takes forever and usually the page times out with a browser message: “Failed to open page”.
    I’ve repaired the DB. Any ideas what might be going on? I’m thinking its a plug-in or theme issue. The site is hosted with Rackspace – URL:

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  • said Url is not proper
    I think It should be

    for your problem
    Check Your php.ini and find the script execution time

    If The url is
    Except Header and footer nothing is displayed as of now
    Check your theme

    I don’t have access to the php.ini file.
    Yes, I know only the header and footer are being displayed. We are trying to debug / figure out the issue.
    Any other suggestions?

    See I generally don’t spend time on forums.
    Recently I find a abusive message from User
    at this post
    Although I was trying to help here.
    Anyway If you need my help. Ping me.

    Minor points – Not being abusive, just doing my job. I’m a forum volunteer moderator (hence the silly title of Half Elf Support Rogue).

    mountaindog – Start at the basics. Turn off all your plugins. Am I right in thinking you’re trying to debug a theme or is this just an out of the box problem?

    Ipstenu – Yes your right, I’m trying to debug the theme. This way only some of the site appears. Any other suggestions besides turning off all the plug-ins?


    Ipstenu !
    Still you think This is not abusive / insult ?

    mountaindog – Turning off plugins is the agreed upon first step to debug most WordPress problems. Basically we want to limit the possible sources for the error 🙂 Sucks, but there it is. Normally I’d say switch to the twenty ten theme, but since you’re trying to MAKE a theme… Yeah. Start with plugins. If it still fails, switch to the default theme and then we’ll find out if it’s the server, a plugin, the theme itself, or what.

    mralokkp – bozoing here is actually a technical term to flag a user as moderated (i.e. every post you make would need to be approved by a mod). And with that we’re done on this topic. I’m going to delete any more off topic posts in this thread, cause it ain’t helping the mountain man!

    I have tried all the standard things – turned off all the plug-ins and switched back to the default theme and still no luck. Updating and adding pages takes forever. Here’s what strange, it looks like the updates are being processed in MySQL. If I back out of the Page after hitting Update, go to the dashboard then return to the Edit Page dialog, the updates are there. Everything else works aspected except for the Pages.

    Could this be a permalink issue and a .htaccess file issue?

    It’s possible. You can test it out by turning OFF pretty permalinks (going to ?p=### ) and deleting the .htaccess file.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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