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  • Please be patient as I’m new to WordPress and not techy confident yet. Need help with the following error message received when trying to activate the “Facebook Like and Share, Twitter, Google +1, Google Buzz buttons” widget Plugin:

    “Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘/’ in /home/jaruppel/public_html/plaintalk/wp-content/plugins/facebook-twitter-google-buttons/facebook-twitter-google.php on line 105”

    I clicked Activate in the plugin several times (probably not a good thing to do) and it seemed to take removing the error message but now cannot deactivate it – also plugin doesn’t seem to be working.

    My husband is the administrator (jaruppel) on ‘Hostgator’ and my site is under him and not sure if the error is not following the php correctly or language on line 105 needs proper bracket closing.

    I’m a little nervous with making any changes in my Style sheet as haven’t figured out yet how to back up my site and how to create a child style sheet. I’ve not been confident on what I’ve read so far. As a backup, I’ve tried copying and pasting the Style sheet in Notepad but it scrunches it all together and not sure I can trust it as a backup.

    I know there are several things I’m asking in this email but would appreciate your guidance and direction in resolutions.

    Thank you

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