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  • Hi 🙂 I’m new to the world of wordpress (and creating a site of the magnitude I am, really) & hate to admit that I’m a bit in over my head.

    I’ve uploaded the Eshop plugin into the wp-content folder as the instructions say. Then it says “activate.” Where exactly am I supposed to do this – I don’t see a text file nor does a webpage open for installation upon typing what should be the appropriate path. =/ help please?!?!

    Any guidance offered would be greatly appreciated 🙂

    [I don’t have enough time to browse the 700+ pages AND a search did not produce any results, thx!]

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  • explore your admin section

    log in
    left sidebar in admin page
    plugins – next page activate e-shop plugin
    e-shop will then have some configuration settings in the left sidebar

    it should uploaded to the wp-content/plugins/ directory, with eshop in its own directory beneath that ie. wp-content/plugins/eshop. Then as samboll has said go the wp-admin/plugins.php plugins page on your site, scroll down and on the right use the ‘activate’ link.

    If all goes well eshop will then be ready for use.

    I do have some old videos available on that may then be of use. (but they were done before WP2.7 was released)

    Fell free to ask questions, I’ll help where I can.

    thanks for the replies 🙂

    here’s where I’m getting stuck/confused:
    – My server has a one click install for wordpress & when I had trouble doing it myself, instead of talking me through it, he created a new directory and did it for me… =)/=\
    – When I tried (per instructions included in WP) I named my directory. They created a different name which the blog is currently.
    – Now, as I’m trying to upload through FTP (Filezilla) I only see the directory I named w/o the blog. Why can’t I find the directory w/ wordpress installed?
    -When I upload to contents (which I now know has been the wrong directory), I’ll see it (eshop files) in file manager but not in MyAdmin… [CPanel]

    I hope this helps see where/why I’m not getting it.

    [I’m all for bartering services (graphic design/video editing) for this one as I’m grateful for your expertise!!!]


    when you log in to wordpress you are taken to your admin section (or Dashboard)

    ok I’ll look into that ;]

    if you want to email me at I might be prepared to take a look for you.

    thanks for the offer – it looks like this might come together
    peace =]

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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