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  • Hi there, first poster here, also bit of a newcomer to web development.

    I went about purchasing a theme yesterday for WordPress sites from, thinking I could use it on a site. I found out you need a self-hosted wordpress site. Here’s what happened:

    -I wasn’t sure where to purchase a domain from but I knew you could do so on I went to the “Create a New Blog” on my WP user’s “Manage Blogs” page, and bought a domain in the process of creating a new blog. My domain is
    -I purchased hosting from DreamHost.
    -I attempted to perform the One-Click Install on DreamHost, but it came up with an error saying that WP was already installed.
    -When I visit the WP dashboard interface, the site that appears to be my site has the exact same interface as a .com blog, most notably that I still can’t install the theme I’ve purchased. Another strange feature is that instead of the URL being “”, it’s “”.

    I suspect that this is the .com blog I created (unintentionally) when I first purchased my domain.

    My questions are these–how can I stop my domain from taking me to this .com blog, and how can I get started working on my new site (i.e. install the theme I purchased). I didn’t intend to start a new .com blog, I just wanted a domain. Should I delete the .com blog?

    Thanks for taking the time to read!

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    You have linked your domain name with a site – not a self-hosted WordPress site. First, you need to contact the folks over at and ask them to point (or transfer) your domain name over to your Dreamhost account.

    fireannach – I checked and you have hosting here at DreamHost 😀 Great!

    You only need to do one thing, and that’s change your nameservers. I looked at your DNS settings on panel and it said “To modify your domain’s whois information, please visit the registrar you registered with (looks like it’s not us!)”

    So who is it registered with? Looks to be

    You just have to go there and change your nameservers to and

    Wait a couple hours and we’ll be good to go 🙂

    Thanks, you both! Problem solved.

    You’re right, the changing of nameservers was key. Though I didn’t have to do anything with WildWestDomains directly–I could access my nameservers from WordPress’ Central Domain Manager.
    I found this help page immensely helpful:


    Aha! Sometimes finding that registrar is a trick. Remember that your domain is registered via, then, as when it’s up for renewal, you’ll need to know that.

    (You can transfer to DH if you want, but there’s no requirement. A lot of us keep domains registered via one company and host on another.)

    Just obtained new domain and wordpress site May 27. The site is The problem is the log in takes me to the dashboard of a class that I took on wordpress two months ago (Pets to go). I’ve used several passwords and reset the passwords, but still having trouble getting to the appropriate dashboard for D&M. Would like to talk direct to support team

    There is no support team.

    Looking at your site info, you need to talk to the people who are hosting you:

    I purchased the guided transfer to move my blog from to Iḿ not getting any answers there to my questions:

    My domain is through Go Daddy
    I think I may have done something wrong when I updated the DNS
    I put them as
    Is that right?
    When I go to the new site, it takes be back to and I cant install a new theme I purchased from studio press



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    @graceyb: As per the Forum Welcome, please post your own topic. Posting in an existing topic prevents us from being able to track issues by topic. Added to which, your problem is completely different.

    I have a domain name registered and ready at Hostgator. I also downloaded a template, FTP app and Jetpack plug-in. (and uploaded main files to HG). I’m not sure how to proceed to connect my HG domain to so I can access the dashboard and work on the template. Do I need to change name servers in HG? If so, to what? Where do I go from here?

    cobycfc – You should post your own topic.

    Do I need to change name servers in HG? If so, to what?

    Yes. But ask HG what they are (probably but they’re they ones who know 🙂

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