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  1. jenruss
    Posted 10 years ago #

    I visited http://www.liberalavenger.com and saw they had marked trolls with a "div=troll" tag. It's very amusing. Anyway, does anyone know where I could get that plugin or one like it? I've tried doing a search and all I've seen so far is a disenvoweler (fun, but not as fun) and a troll cap- though the tag for that one is different.


  2. Hahah! Hilarious.

    The troll cap plugin basically sticks that cap image into the background of the comment that is marked as a troll. If you changed the image and the CSS slightly (to make the image repeat), you could get a very similar effect to that troll text thing underlying the comment. No need to hack the plugin at all, just change the div.troll_cmtyes in the CSS file.

  3. jenruss
    Posted 10 years ago #

    Great! Thanks a lot. I hadn't thought of the CSS.:+

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