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  • 1 – I’ve mispelt a category. I’ve added a new correctly spelled version but I see no option to delete the wrong one. I’ve read references to a “Categories Editor” page where the delete option appears, but I see no option to open a “Categories Editor” page

    2 – Inserting links. In html editor, no problem. But in the visual editor, if I go to the page I want to link to, copy the url (and test the clipboard by pasting onto something else) when I come back to the WP blog and highlight the text I want to pin the link to, when I try to paste the link into the url field, what invariably appears instead is the text I’ve just highlighted instead of the URL. Extremely irritating!

    3 – I was very impressed with the import tool which dragged in my several thousand Stumble comments. However, my Stumble tagging was completely ignored and, instead, every post was allocated to the category “Politics”. I’ve found a way to filter all such entries and ADD a new category to them (which marks them for my future attention as I begin the long process of proper individual allocation to appropriate categories). What I cannot find is a way to bulk remove the Category “Politics” from the posts. If I could find an answer to my first question, I could, no doubt delete the category “Politics” from the list of categories. It is not clear to me, however, that removing the category would not simultaneously remove the posts.

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