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  • Wonderful!

    Lovely choice of colours and a good use of 3 columns. Nice job Jark!

    BTW, going a bit off-topic now but best of luck with your DA troubles.

    Hi jark
    in IE I can’t see the “second” column on the top-
    only at the end of the site
    it looks like if this column is to width

    looks fine!
    kindly regards

    ifelse: thanks bout the DA stuff 😉

    monika: what version of IE and what screen res are you using? i cant seem to reproduce that error in IE6.

    Like it. I might change some things for my own personal mod, but I think the layout is sweet.

    Keep us informed of it’s release.

    Ok, I replied on your site that I was using version 5 of IE, but here are the correct stats.

    Again, the center column is not aligning correctly for me. It puts the content at the bottom of the page.

    Res: 1024 x 768
    Browser: IE 6.0

    Thanks, and I was just at your site a few days ago thinking to myself wow… this is a sharp theme. I really can’t wait for the release! 🙂



    The above still applies, but, it only misaligns on your individual entries (permalinks) and seems to look perfect in all ther views… main view, archives, etc.

    Sorry for posting you a thousand replies, I just noticed this variance.

    Whoa … it’s Jark! 🙂 *also wants to add wish for good luck with DA*

    I like the theme, very smooth and easy on the eyes, loads quickly. Good job. 🙂

    I’m using an older mozilla client (1.3.1), on a very old mac (os 9), and it works just lovely there. One thing it’s doing is putting up a horizontal scroll bar with smaller browser windows. If I make it full width (1024), the scroll bar finally disappears.

    In IE 6.0, the green column is too wide and appears at the bottom of the site.

    viper: what is your screen resolution in IE6 when the green column shows up too wide? got a screenshot, possibly, that i can see to better understand what is going on?

    archshrk: icky! :'( i’ll see what i can do to fix0r that in IE. i have an idea now cause it seems that the middle column only gets pushed down on the comment page.

    thanks for the help in debugging!

    Yes, it seems to be on post pages only. It appears the comment box is a hair too wide and causes the bump.

    Looks good to me in both FF and IE. But then I am partial to 3-column layouts, too.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 24 total)
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