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  • I recently installed a plugin that was supposed to allow me to easily use a different theme for each category. Unfortuantly, it seems to have messed up my blog but I cannot find where the problem is.

    The index shows all of the blog posts three times, and when you go to an individual blog post it is also shown three times. The category pages seem fine though.

    I’m not sure if this is allowed, but it is much easier to explain if you just have a brief look at the homepage:

    I have deactivated the plugin, and had a look around, but I have no idea what has caused the problem.

    Any suggestions?

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  • I never heard about such a plugin. Out of curiousity, have a link to it?
    On the other hand – I don’t see any differences in your categories style-wise… so what is it doing besides screwing up your homepage?

    The plugin is:

    If you have a look at the post in the category Beer Articles, then you can see that the bottem of it only has the comments, where as any other post has some code and a little image.

    The main problem is that when you look at an individual post it repeats everything three times. The weird thing is that the same problem occurs even if you change the theme!

    That plugin has never did you you think it does. You can NOT have a different theme by categories, not even with that plugin.

    What it does: allows you to have different single post templates based on category. Otherwise all single posts views are based on the single.php template file.

    I suspect you are not using the plugin properly. Deactivate it, since anyway it will never do what you want: different themes for each category.

    I have already de-activated it, but the problem remains. Was the problem caused by that plugin? It seems a strange thing to do – having 3 copies of everything.

    I will keep looking, but there does not really seem to be anything out of place.

    Deactivate all your plugins. If the problem goes away start re-activating them one by one until you figure out which one is to blame.

    Thanks moshu.
    The problem was with another plugin that was supposed to change the visibilty of certain categories – eg. not have some appear on the homepage.

    Thanks again.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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