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    Hello Paul Gibbs,
    I’m like seeing your name everywhere on buddypress forums and now I see this blazingly fast support here ))

    I had two choises going with BadgeOS or Achivments (your plugin)
    even though I’m still doubting, I decided to use your plugin (for variouse reasons, where one of them is that it is created by you and because I like a girl here )

    so… short story long ( or reverse? ) can I give achivments for loggin in for 10 times for example. its like usual demend from achivments system I think, no?

    and another question here, can I add some custom triggers for plugin? hardcode or anything I don’t care it much, I’m ready to rebuild my code with every update, I just need it to support Buddypress Like/Dislike plugin and bbpress post rating

    I’m not expert in PHP but can code much like it if have the right way to go with.


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  • Plugin Author Paul Gibbs


    BuddyPress Lead Developer

    Ahoy! My secret is that I’ve given up sleeping.

    The picture is an awesome fan art of Elaine Marley, from the Secret of Monkey Island video games. I chanced upon it when working on that screenshot! 🙂

    > wp_login
    There isn’t support for wp_login because I had issues working with it in an older version of the plugin, but since it sounds like you are using BuddyPress, there’s a BuddyPress-specific “on user login” action that should work the same.

    > can I add some custom triggers for plugin?
    Indeed! I haven’t produced (much? any?) documentation, but since you seem familiar with the concept of Actions in WordPress, and know some PHP, you should be ok.

    Take a look in the achievements/includes/extensions/ folder — inviteanyone.php is a simple example. Essentially, duplicate that file, rename/edit all the things as appropriate, and then load the new file like this:

    function mpa_init() {
    require 'my_class.php';
    add_action('dpa_init', 'mpa_init');

    Have a go and get started, and if you have any specific technical questions, please let me know.

    😀 yeaah, who needs sleeping! Never played it but looks like my style.

    > wp_login, what do you mean by there is – because it is not in the list but I have two “The user updates their profile information.” <- thats what makes me suspiciouse )

    anyways I guess it will not be hard to implement since it has actions/hooks.
    Thanks for the way )) I’ll start it today and will post my classes for those plugins just in case somebody will come for the same )


    Plugin Author Paul Gibbs


    BuddyPress Lead Developer

    My bad; I was thinking of ‘A new user activates their account on your website’, which is a bit different.

    If wp_login works reliably, do let me know 🙂

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