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    Great plugin 🙂

    When I enable Fancybox for images and inline content, it conflicts with my wp galleries. The images are showing both in wp-overlay and then afterwards in Fancybox.

    Any ideas on how to fix this?

    If there is a class or something to trigger fancybox on images, i could just use that directly on my links, instead of enabling auto-detection?

    Best regards,

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  • Plugin Author RavanH


    Yes, you can simply use class="fancybox" for image links to make them open in FancyBox. Then disable the auto-detection by removing all the image extensions from the Auto detect field in the FancyBox section on Settings > Media.

    I apologize for my lack of knowledge on this plugin but I can’t even figure out where to start with it. I am wondering if what I want to do is even possible. I have a map of the state of Texas, with our regions outlined on it. I want each independent region page to pop up when clicked on or moused over the region on the map. My web site is in development stage so if you want to see what the maps look like you have to go to The region map and the individual region maps are under the “board” tab on the menu. Thanks in advance!

    Plugin Author RavanH


    Hi pajackson, your question is unrelated to this thread but I’ll answer it anyway…

    You need to create a so-called image map. This is basically one image that has different areas (zones) that can be linked to different targets. Find how to create the HTML code knowledge that you need on the internet, or use one of the online tools (search for ‘create image map online’ for example) that can help you with it.

    Next, give each area tag the appropriate class (fancybox or fancybox-iframe etc.) to bind FancyBox to it and paste the lot into your post.

    An example can be seen on (scroll down to “Image maps”)

    Thank you RavanH for replying to my post. You are correct that my problem is unrelated to this thread but the thread I found that was related is closed ( If I have the original image map code in dreamweaver, can I just copy the code and past in my wordpress page? Will the Fancybox plugin automatically fill in the code that it needs to work if I do that?

    Plugin Author RavanH


    Hi pajackson60, you can try pasting the code into the wordpress post to see if the image map keeps working well after being processed by the WP internals, but it depends on the links inside your code if the FancyBox gets appended automatically.

    Are you linking to images or PDFs or Flash files or Youtube pages from within that map, and did you not disable the image link auto detection under the FancyBox settings, then yes, FancyBox should kick in automatically.

    Otherwise, no. You’ll have to append the appropriate class names manually. And which class depends on the target. For example, if you are linking to another web page, use class=”fancybox-iframe”.

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