Tried to update URL now can't log in (2 posts)

  1. DrShelley
    Posted 2 years ago #

    My original URL that I built wordpress on is http://www.healthbenefitsofsex.com

    I updated the URL to http://www.DrShelleys.com which is the one I am promoting to the public and the name I want to appear on the google bar when people get to my website.

    Now I cannot log in.

    I have recreated a new login so I can access the forums but need some help please!

    Need to be able to login into my original site and also need to know how to get the correct URL to appear in the google tab.


  2. SpinaWeb
    Posted 2 years ago #

    Hello DrShelly,

    I believe you will be able to login to your site at http://healthbenefitsofsex.com/wp-admin

    I also think I may know what your problem might be as I had something like this happen to me. Did you install WordPress using the healthbenefitsofsex.com domain and want to change it to the DrShellys.com domain now?


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