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  1. potts_db
    Posted 3 years ago #


    I've been working on an online store for a few weeks now and it's almost ready.

    But disaster has struck! I installed an SSL certificate on my site (I think)... I didn't see anything happening to my site, and I didn't see the https prefix on my url... so I was looking around. I ticked off a box in my WooCommerce settings, forcing secure checkout (and left another box that appeared unchecked that said "unforce when leaving secure checkout".

    And everything stayed the same. I should've gone to the cart page and beyond to see if my SSL was limited to the checkout screen... but I kept fiddling. And then I did something stupid!

    I went to my General Settings, and changed the location of my WordPress site to https://electronic-smoke-shop.ca

    Now I can't get to my admin screen (Error 404 screen, with a link to send this error to the webmaster- which is me, right?) and my site looks like crap (still there, but nonsensical). It's trying to go my secure site, which apparently doesn't exist.

    Please help! What can I do to restore the unsecure site?!
    How do I get back to my WordPress admin screen?
    I'll worry about my SSL certificate later, but I need my site back.

    I'm hoping somebody here can help me.
    If not, I'll have to start all over again... and that is devastating.


  2. potts_db
    Posted 3 years ago #

    update: my site is not at that link. Now it is a default screen that tells me that something critical has changed... and that I should contact my hosting provider.

    Is there indeed something that my hosting provider can do to bring my original website back online?

  3. fonglh
    Posted 3 years ago #

  4. potts_db
    Posted 3 years ago #

    You saved my life, fonglh!!! lol
    That was actually really difficult to figure out... but I now feel so much more empowered, knowing how to access the php files like that.

    Thanks a lot for the lightning-quick help.
    I won't forget about it, and I'll pay it forward some day.


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