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  • If you’ve set the site URL incorrectly, it is probably redirecting you via .htaccess to an incorrect location. To get back into your WordPress dashboard to fix it you can make an easy change to your wp-config.php file which will do the same thing as changing your site URL in your dashboard.


    It’s quite a simple problem to fix. As you are currently pointing the front end of your website to a page that doesn’t exist (because you’ve changed the URL to one that doesn’t exist) you cannot access the front end of your website, which is where you usually log in, I’m guessing from your post. You will need to log into the back end of your site, which is usually the admin screen from your web host.

    Once you’ve logged on to your web host account (how you do this will depend on your web host), you just need to follow these instructions:

    You need to change the URL back to what it’s supposed to be. You will then be able to log back into your website like usual.

    If you’re not familiar with the phpMyAdmin interface, there’s a good tutorial at

    (It really is a simple fix, despite all these techy words!)

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    Jeff? Could you please refrain from sending users to your site like that? I’ve deleted that link as that’s discouraged.

    hi. im a wordpress beginner and i think i messed up bad. i tried to change the url under the settings>general tab to change the main address of our home page from to

    @homewood Snowboards The Codex has articles on that via this link and it works.

    I myself like this method.

    You want to put these 2 lines in that file functions.php file.


    In your case try these steps.

    1. Using FTP or whatever filemanagement tools your host has provided you with navigate to the /wp-content/themes/zeetasty/ directory.
    2. Once there locate and make a copy of the functions.php file. You want to save that copy just in case.
    3. Download a copy to your PC and add those 2 lines just below the <?php line. Use notepad, it’s good for that editing.
    4. Upload that edited functions.php file (make that unedited back up copy first).
    5. Visit and see if that fixes it. You may have to clear your browser’s cache.

    If that works then you can put that unedited copy back. Let us know here how that worked out. If that seems like a lot (and it could be) then also consider this method.


    Hehe I’m new to the forums (I broke my own site and am currently awaiting help), but I saw a question I could actually answer and wanted to help another newbie! I understand how scary these forums can seem when you have no idea what you’ve done!

    hello again,

    so I attempted to try to follow your instructions.. to no avail.

    here are the first steps of the codex instructions you were kind enough to refer me to, followed by the reason they didn’t work for me. Which is mostly due to my ignorance and lack of experience designing websites..

    step 1. Backup your database and save the copy off-site.
    – the “backup your database” link directs me here:

    I’ve never even heard of cpanel or MySQL and have no idea how to log in to either of them since I’ve never created accounts with them.

    step 2. Login to phpMyAdmin.

    This is also a MySQL issue. I’ve never used/seen one of these. the site says “WordPress stores all of its information in the MySQL database”, so I assume one exists, but have no idea how to access it..

    I’ve been running this site myself for upward of 2 years, and have been teaching myself html and css in order to keep it running and updated without having to hire and pay someone to do it for us. our business is still very young and so of course we thought anything we can do ourselves we should do ourselves. But there seems to be so many important things I should know and be aware of that I’ve never even seen or heard of before, such as backing up databases, and creating several accounts to do so. I’m beginning to wonder if I didn’t doom us from the start for not having backed our site up and created said accounts immediately after its construction, but like I’ve expressed.. I had no idea. I have 0 web design experience prior to what I taught myself designing this site, if you think I can be helped, anything you can offer will be greatly appreciated.

    never mind! I called Godaddy and they took me by the hand and led me through everything I needed to do to change the url back.

    I may not understand exactly how all of this works yet, but I’m learning!! thank you all for your assistance. its greatly appreciated.

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