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    Hello Team,

    Thank you for building this awesome plugin. I tried using it in my project, however, when I open the page in offline view, the entire page shows without CSS & JS.

    Is there anything, I am missing to do it?

    Thank You

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Plugin Author Leon Stafford


    Hi @deeprathod,

    Are you intending to have an offline-only site, not shared publicly via a web server?

    If so, I recommend HTTrack software (available on all platforms), which does a better job of this.

    Offline site export functionality has been removed in next version of plugin to be released soon.

    If you intend to host the site publicly, then please uncheck that option (also, uncheck the Relative URLs option) and set the Destination URL to the domain you intend to host your static version of your WP site on.

    Please let me know if any more help needed.



    Plugin Author Leon Stafford


    @deeprathod to further explain: when you host a website via a web server, it has references to your images, CSS and links to other pages, such as example.com/a-link.

    When you view an offline site in your browser, it may be pointing to links like /a-link, which will try to resolve to something like file:///a-link, which doesn’t exist.

    You can serve the site from a web server on your local computer and if you set the local website’s URL to match the URLs in your exported site, it will load normally.

    Plugin Author Leon Stafford


    And lastly, when properly exported as an offline site, like with HTTrack, it tries to rewrite all URLs to be document-relative, meaning, from any page in your site, it will adjust links to other pages, images, etc to be a direct route from that page… so instead of /a-link, if you are on your site’s about page and want to go to the homepage, it will link like ../, meaning, go up one level, and will resolve correctly, relative to the about page

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    Hi @leonstafford Thanks a lot for your detailed explanation and after your suggestions, I was successfully able to achieve the desired results using HTTrack. 🙂 You certainly made my day.

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