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  • I tried and tried but WP doesn’t work. I’ve heard good things but something is buggy. I did everything from the book and talked many times to my service provider and to people on the support forum but I never could get it working. I’m trying to set up a very simple blog and the links just aren’t working (like the comments link, the link to the individual posts, the link to other calendar months). I’ve re-installed WP from scratch 3 times and used the default theme and still my links don’t work. Despite lots of help and suggestions here on the support pages still I can’t get it working. I would be curious to know if other people are having problems like this.

    I’m not a programmer but I once took a programming class in pascal, I can handle hacking with Javascript, HTML, CSS, Unix, etc. so I am not a complete beginner with this kind of stuff but somehow I cannot get a very simple blog to just work like it normally should. This is just starting to feel ridiculous after almost a week and many hours just to try geting the thing working. I will keep looking for when there is a new release and maybe try again. Hopefully this bug or whatever it is will be fixed.


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  • Try a different hosting account, one of the Fantastico enabled hosts that supports WordPress are simple, inexpensive and take alot of stress away from setting up a blog.

    I have three and it took me a week to set up my first one on my own. I ended up finding out that the unzip software I was using was not unzipping the files into their proper folders. I have had other problems like this that were in no way wordpress’ fault — settings in folders, rewrite permissions, not having access to error logs, are all problems that caused me great frustration.

    For my second and third blog, I went with a WordPress enabled host. I have one on Pow web and one on Blue Host. I like Blue Host the best (and I’m not associated with the WordPress organization other than as a user.). Just sign into your control panel, click on Fantastico and there is a link on the list for WordPress. It’s a breeze.

    If you look here under the Hosting tab above, you’ll find a link to Blue Host and if you use it, you can help out the community be able to support more questions.

    I’m all for taking the stress out of it.

    Thanks for the comments. The problem is that I’m doing this blog for someone else and right now I don’t feel like asking them to switch providers. I already have delayed the delivery of what I thought would be a simple blog. Have you tried any other blog software? I reallly don’t know what else to do. I changed permissioins, URLs to the blog, added a .htaccess, re-installed everything from scratch and I’m getting fried. I’m sort of surprised that such a basic thing should be such a hassel. The blog is up and postings can be made but none of the links work, like to comments, calendar, the specific entries. So it is sort of useless if there is no way to navigate around.

    Permalink settings problem? Maybe Apache isn’t configured to allow for rewrites? (mostly guesses)

    No, I called and my service provider said that mod_rewrites was enabled. I don’t understand this permalinks thing fully, do I have to use permalinks? It was suggested I add a permalink structure and that didn’t work, tried without anything for the structure, also didn’t work. This has turned into a hell of a time waster and I guess it just won’t work with this service provider. I don’t even feel like trying another blog software at this point either. I think I’ll leave blogs alone for a while and just go with e-mail and websites.

    You don’t have to use a special permalink setup at all. If you don’t mess with the permalinks, then you don’t have to use .htaccess and mod_rewrite. The one thing you do need to know is which versions of installed software the host is using; if these versions (or better) aren’t the ones installed on the host server, then WP won’t run:

    PHP version 4.1 or higher, and MySQL version 3.23.23 or higher

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    Not sure if I offered before, but I will try to install it for you ?
    No cost involved – honest!
    My email is t2 @ tamba2 . org . uk

    His problem seems to be that the urls don’t show index.php. If you manually include them, then the pages pull up. I know I’ve seen this on the forum before.

    Also, paltenberg, I know you are frustrated, but you should try and keep to just one thread, so it is easier to follow what has been suggested and tried. I think you’ve got like three threads out there on this now. 🙂

    I know the numbers will not comfort you, but out of more than 385,000 users (see download counter) only a few have similar problems as yours.
    For a totally different reason earlier I bookmarked several threads having the same (or very similar) issue – I didn’t post them as a reply to your repeated questions because none of them had a real solution.
    (just for record, here they are: )
    Among all those replies there was one that made me to suspect – in most of the cases it has to be something with weird server setting:

    I am sure it’s not you, it’s not WP… there has to be something else. Ultimately, maybe a host switch would solve it. I don’t know. Just thinking aloud.
    Good luck!

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    Is this the “DirectoryIndex index.html index.htm index.php” problem ?

    Here’s his link from the other thread:

    …and my earlier “diagnosis” 🙂

    You say you’re using the default theme but then go onto say that “my links” are not working — rather than “the theme’s links” — does this mean that you’ve made changes to the theme? Does the theme work without modification?

    As far as urls go, I tried the permalink structure and couldn’t really get it to work either, but really didn’t care. This is what I put for structure:


    Give it a shot.

    Beyond that, I would suggest making your php files available.

    By the way, if your friends are still in Kauai, tell them to go to a restaurant called The Blossuming Lotus. It’s a must visit (especially if they’re into healthy foods).

    GREAT. Thanks very, very much! Finally I’m getting somewhere! The ‘/index.php?p=%post_id%’ worked, mostly. Most of the links are working but the calendar still doesn’t work when I click on the previous month. What I meant about the themes and links was that I tried it first with the default theme and had the same results. After that I changed the theme and just messed mainly with css. The links that were not working were the comments, the links to each posting (the title of the posting), and the calendar (it doesn’t go to previous month when clicked on, or to the date when clicked on). Now, everything seems to be working except the calendar.

    I’ll tell my friends about the restaurant. Thanks. And sorry for the multiple threads.




    If there are no entries in the blog, there’s no where for the calendar to go….


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