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  • We are attempting to fix an additional 6000 media files that were created as a result of a woocommerce bulk import. In short this issue is a nightmare for anyone who has to deal with it and this plugin saves you.

    This plugin was the only one that actually did what it said it would do, we cannot thank the plugin authors enough!

    We tried:
    Media Cleaner, and Media Cleaner Pro – Author never responded on the issues we had there (namely it literally wiped out media files that were attached to woo product pages)
    Media Deduper & Media Deduper Pro – Didn’t even load or index, reached out to authors, they helped but didn’t fix the issue, refunded us.
    Media Gallery enhanced – doesn’t help for this problem.
    Media Search enhanced – is the best search utility (although unsupported for current versions of wordpress, still is the best way to search filenames in wordpress who knew you couldn’t search filenames). This plugin however breaks the search for items in the trash.

    In short – this plugin installed, and cleaned out duplicates, cleaned out unassigned images, re-assigned meta data to media files that somehow didn’t have it, and reduced our media library from 14,000 to 8,000


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