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  • My experience with the Tribulant Check-out feature has been very good up to the end. Whenever I had buggy fixes that needed to be fixed, I provided my login information, and they fixed them for me. The 12 hour turnaround time is pretty frustrating with them being on the other side of the globe, and not having someone available to support us in our time zone. But that being said, support was always helpful and courteous. Till Site Lock reported a hack to the Checkout plugin. I sent Tribulant the report I received and instead of the next day response, nothing. Ever. Days went by and I resent the information and nicely asked for help. Tribulant went into my Worpress admin page, and removed their software. No notice or permission. My online store files and history were gone. I changed the site password, restored a backup to get the information back, rebuilt a ecommerce presence, and am back online. It took three weeks of downtime to adapt and rebuild because of the Tribulant Software failure. Never heard from them. Obviously, I would not advise use of their products, not because they don’t work, but the impropriety and lack of integrity on the companies part. The frustration and loss of business is enough, but purposely destroying a customer’s online store is inexcusable. Buyer beware!!!

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  • I also have had a bad experience with Tribulant support. Back on December 5th, 7 weeks ago, I asked for help with fixing how the shipping displays all shipping levels instead of just one ones I use. Four days later they said they were investigating and would reply soon. A few hours later they said, and I quote: “We will fix this for you immediately and just charge you $55 as a rush quote.” So I paid them as I wanted to get the new cart up before the holiday. After contacting them numerous times over the weeks, on January 4th they said: “Sorry for letting you wait. I’ve been overloaded here with limited staff over December for the holidays. I’m currently working on finishing this for you. I’ll reply back here shortly.” It’s now January 24th. I keep asking for the fix or at least to update me and nothing! Seven weeks for a “rush job” I paid for.

    I too can not recommend them because of their technical support.

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