• panwage


    You can only optimise 3 images before your credit runs out and it implores you to buy the premium version.

    It just really irked me, reading the great reviews and trying out the plugin myself to find out that I can only optimise a pathetic amount of images.
    I could have optimised the alt attributes of ten images manually in the time that it took me to run the plugin.

    The developers know that the whole idea of needing a bulk alt image optimizer is because you have a plethora of images that need optimizing, so to offer you a pathetic three image credit limit is scandalous.

    I’d be more than inclined to pay your 11.99 monthly subscriptions if your trial service wasn’t so incredibly laughable.

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  • Plugin Author imageseo


    Hi @panwage

    Thank you for taking the time to write us a review.

    You put your finger on a point that will change during the month of August and that should satisfy you (I think?)

    Indeed, we will increase the number of free images per month and there will be a new intermediate plan at 4.99€!

    Feel free to contact us at support directly if you would like us to discuss it. We are trying to adapt as best we can to the demand and I hope I can meet your expectations positively.

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