• I haven’t used WordPress before, but am considering converting my current site, hosted and designed through Intuit Websites, to WordPress in order to save money. Is there any good way for me to try out WordPress as well as probably some of the Ecommerce plugins without paying for a server? Also, are what are some opinions about the online store options through WordPress?

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  • For giving your own installation a try and playing around with plugins I would use the AWS Free Usage Tier, which would let you run a Micro Linux instance (613 MB of memory). This should be enough to give you a feel for everything.

    There are various tutorials you can follow to get WordPress running on an EC2 instance. Example.

    You can also use a service like BitNami Cloud who offer a free development plan. This will let you deploy an instance running WordPress without the need for you to do much configuration.

    Hope this helps.

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