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    So I am curious… When I downloaded the plugin, I did not know it was basically a trial I was downloading. I am just using it for some custom taxonomies right now. And I chose it because I read good reviews. Now It says I have to subscribe to receive updates, which is fine. But, I cannot purchase right now because my client has not given approval. Had I know there was a cost up front, I would have gotten approval. No where on the WP page or details does it says it requires a subscription. And it should!

    So my question is will it continue working as long as an update to WP or to the plugin causes it not too? Can I just keep it as it is? Right now I am too far down the road to change (or want to change). I hope to get approval to purchase a subscription soon, but there is a possibility I won’t. Though, if I have to rebuild using a different plugin, I would prefer to do it now than later.

    Thanks. I really like the plugin. Just wish I knew I would be forced into purchasing a subscription to keep using it.

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    On WordPress (.org) it is not allowed to sell plugins.

    So, Types is free of charge.

    You receive not only Updates for free.
    Also Support, here and here, is for free.

    The only what requires a subscription is:
    – If you want to download paid Toolset Software (which is not part of Types, but Toolset). Then you also need to make a purchase.
    – If you want access to the Types Forum (which is, as mentioned, free).

    I hope this is clear with above statement.

    I already reported the wording problem in Types, where we say that you need to subscribe to update (which is not true.)

    Related to your other questions:
    – So my question is will it continue working as long as an update to WP or the plugin causes it not too?

    The plugin works whether you register it or not.
    Updates come anyway, but please acknowledge that no plugin out there can just guarantee backwards compatibility with WordPress in case an update comes. Same, if WordPress updates, we cannot guarantee that the outdated Types Plugin would work.
    Hence, Update is always the best way to go.
    And it’s free.

    Once again, a subscription is not needed at all if you use only Types.
    But you only benefit if you subscribe (which is free)
    You will get free Support as mentioned above (on top of this support here)

    Thanks for using Types!

    Plugin Author Christian


    Thanks for the feedback.

    There was a bug which showed the message that Types is just a trial.

    It’s fixed now with 2.2.15.

    This is not the first time this bug has showed up.

    How do I update the plugin from within wordpress? Right now, I get an error message saying it is not available even though it says an update is available.

    Cannot update to 2.2.15 either.

    There is a new version of Toolset Types available. View version 2.2.15 details or update now.

    You must have a valid subscription in order to get upgrades or support for this plugin. Purchase a subscription or enter an existing site key.

    I never had a subscription

    Same issue. I cannot update to 2.2.15 from 2.2.14. Need a fix please. Thanks.

    Solved my own problem by downloading the zip file from this site for 2.2.15 and uploading it my site manually. Automatic updates are not allowed from 2.2.14.

    Might have to use plugin such as – Easy Theme and Plugin Upgrades (https://wordpress.org/plugins/easy-theme-and-plugin-upgrades/) to overwrite the current install.

    Plugin Support Beda


    We apologise for this inconvenience.

    The correct solution is as @dshakya mentioned:

    After you install 2.2.15 the issue is solved, but you need to “update” manually by replacing any previous Types Folder in your FTP with the new 2.2.15 version that you can download here:

    Thank you for the patience and I apologise that I did myself assume that message is expected, but wrongly formulated.

    Thanks for fixing this. I got it updated. I was going to be disappointed if I have to switch from this great plugin.

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