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    The quality of the plugin is low. For example, a link to the Knowledge Base in the plugin settings gives a 404 error. Without an API key, functions are not available. “Free” account is actually “Free trial”. How can this be in the plugins directory?

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    Hi glashkoff,

    The plugin is free to use without any cost implications. “Free trial” implies that we ask the plugin users to pay to use the plugin but we don’t do that. So that comment is misleading.

    We have an FAQ link which redirects to an FAQ page inside the plugin. If you could help us figure out why you are getting a 404, we can assist you. Please mail us at info@miniorange.com and we would schedule a call to look into this.

    We don’t ask users to enter an API key. I believe you have us confused with another plugin. Can you confirm? If not, you can always reach out to us on info@miniorange.com so that we can clear any doubts you have.

    Happy to help!

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    1. In the plugin and on your site you use the dark UX patterns to get this “free”. If you do not enter miniOrange login and pass, Social Login and Social Sharing is not available. This is reported in the message on each page of the plugin: “Please Login with miniOrange to enable Social Login and Social Sharing.”. After entering login and password, the plugin requires an API key. This step cannot be undone. So yes, you ask users to enter an API key. Check it yourself – all tabs of the plugin are blocked after login, but before entering API key. But where to get the API key? There are no links near. I need to look for it in the wilds of your site. On your plans page says: “Free – For 1 User – Forever”. So yes, for free – but for one user. And there are no easy links to get at least this. I need to look for the right information somewhere in your FAQ. But the buttons for “Upgrade plan” are always nearby, in convenient places.
    2. Just check big image in plugin settings with caption “miniOrange Social Login”. This is a very noticeable link. It leads to a page https://plugins.miniorange.com/knowledgebase/social-login-social-sharing/
    But there is no such page on your site (at this moment). Web.archive.org reports that this page never existed. So you did not check this important point at all. This signals a possible poor quality of the plug-in as a whole.

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