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  1. mrjysta
    Posted 5 years ago #

    Not sure what section this falls into but...

    I'm looking at creating a tree menu that uses 'wp_nav_menu' pretty much like the solutions site here http://www.solutions-inc.co.uk/index.php/store (the right-hand sidebar with drop downs for products)

    Is it something to do with the 'walker' object? Or do-able in pure css?

  2. vaseemansari
    Posted 5 years ago #

    Hello Dear
    i read your blog, its really nice
    i have a query and i know that you know the answer of this
    i am using wp nav menu to show 6 navigation menu in header here

    Now i want when user clicks on any item(post,page,category,tag) in sub menu then the left sidebar will show all the submenus of that parent.

    My question is similar to this thread

    Root Menu
    Sub menu 1
    Sub menu 2 (clicked)

    My sidebar will show only child sub menus of clicked root menu
    Sub menu 1
    Sub menu 2 (clicked)

    Waiting for your answer.
    Vaseem Ansari

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