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    Hello, Hierarchy is a great plugin, thanks!

    I’m trying to put group tree inside member groups list, like this shot:

    i’ve put the code:

    <div id="groups-dir-list" class="groups dir-list">
    				$loop_template = apply_filters('bp_located_template',locate_template( array( "tree/tree-loop_single.php" ), false ), "tree/tree-loop_single.php" );
    </div><!-- #groups-dir-list -->

    and loaded the css + js of hierarchy at header.
    its works, but not listing child groups when i click at [+], always list the current group!

    i think the problem is bp_ajax_querystring( ‘tree’ ), but i cant figure it out..
    can you helpme?
    what i need to change to display correct child groups?

    you plugin is awesome.

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  • Plugin Author David Dean


    Hi, intrd –

    First I’d check to be sure the JS is sending the object parameter as ‘tree’ or that function won’t fire at all.

    Also check that the scope parameter is ‘childof_[selected group ID]’. That controls whose subgroups are returned.

    If neither of those bears any fruit, check out bp_group_hierarchy_display and bp_group_hierarchy_get_groups_tree in extension.php to try debugging.

    Please let me know if you have any other questions!

    – Davi

    Thanks Dean!
    i’ve done!

    first into extension.php i’ve removed the:

    			'type'		=> 'alphabetical',
    			'parent_id'	=> $bp->groups->current_group->id,
    			'page'		=> $page

    second, at the tree-loop.php, i’ve removed the old loop bp_has_groups(bp_ajax_querystring( ‘tree’ )) and replaced with:

    				'type'		=> 'alphabetical',
    				'parent_id'	=> $qd,
    				'page'		=> $page

    my $qd is the current ajax(bp_ajax_querystring( ‘tree’ )) clicked group_id!

    i’m not sure if its the right way.. bu worked like a charm..

    very thx!

    I’d need this feature, too. Usually I don’t like to hardcode plugin files, that I can go on updating easily. Would you mind to either implement this into your plugin or offer some hooks, that this could be added from another plugin or theme?

    I tried now the harcoding way of intrd, but it doesn’t work.
    @intrd what do you mean with removing the bp_has_groups_hierarchy… code? That doesn’t make sense, no groups are queried anymore.
    If I replace the bp_has_groups inside of tree-loop.php, it’s always showing all groups, not only the child groups of the current/selected group.

    ok, much more simple as I thought…

    Just replace in tree-loop.php the bp_has_groups( bp_ajax_querystring( 'tree' ) ) with bp_has_groups_hierarchy( bp_ajax_querystring( 'tree' ) ).

    In extension.php it can stay the way it is. Despite the file loading, I just changed in line 853:
    } else if(bp_is_groups_component() && $bp->current_action == '' && $bp->group_hierarchy->extension_settings['show_group_tree']) {
    } else if(bp_is_groups_component() && ($bp->current_action == '' || $bp->current_action == 'hierarchy') && $bp->group_hierarchy->extension_settings['show_group_tree']) {

    It would be nice if the loop wouldn’t be hardcoded in extensions.php, but as a template file, ready for overriding…

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