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  • melcox80


    Hi All

    I hope you can help me, I’m not a developer but I’m trying to arrange the development of a scavenger hunt type website and I’m wondering if you can tell me how difficult it would be to create a plugin which would allow me to set up a scavenger hunt to do the following:

    Scan QR codes to get the next clue or register a stage.
    Be able to give hints based on the stage. These may be text, images or maps.
    Be able to have location based triggers, for example they are given a clue about a location and the app/website can tell them if they are getting warmer/cooler based on their GPS location… or give another clue once they reach a certain GPS location.
    Be able to have a map where you can enter gps co-ordinates to show a location (they may be given these co-ordinates as a clue)
    Have the ability to enter an answer to a question to go to the next stage.
    The user participant should be able to add a photo.
    Be able to show different parts of the story as they progress i.e. video, audio or images.

    There is a Moodle mod which does a similar thing
    Can a plugin for Moodle mod be adapted to be used as a WordPress plugin?

    Any advice/guidance you can give me about the difficulty/possibility of achieving something like this would be great.

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  • Moderator bcworkz


    The Moodle mod appears to be PHP based, so adapting to WP could be a possibility, though I’ve no idea what the mod interacts with. Every instance of interaction outside of the mod itself would need to be altered to work with WP. It may not be that big a thing, or it could be a major effort.

    There are a lot of different elements to the functionality you seek. Some parts of it might be doable through existing WP plugins, but I doubt you’d find plugins to do everything. It’s likely custom coding would be needed to some degree. To at least tie different plugins together and probably to develop functionality that could not be attained by other means.

    Not being a developer significantly handicaps your ability to accomplish this. Even if you are willing to learn, it’s a lot to take on. I think you will need the help of an experienced developer. If you don’t know of any, you can hire professionals through resources like or

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