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  • Hi Folks, I’ve settled into WP nicely amd finally chose a theme I liked. Travelogue2 is nice, but took some work to get working. I liked the default setup, but I had to make it “mine” so to say. I’ve edited the backrounds and colors to taste. It’s basically there as a personal blog and wedding info site. Photo gallery option is there also, but I need to figure out how to theme Coppermine to match still. Like this.

    Any ideas for improvement?

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  • It looks nice. I do have a comment about the table to the right, though. The borders are breaking. Other than that, everything seems to be functioning. Caveat: I’m at the office, and am thus viewing it with IE6 on Win2k.

    Your’re right about the borders on the stats box. I’m not exatly sure why it is doing that. It seems to be an error with the original theme. I’ve thought about just removing it actually since I’m not sure where to look or how to fix that box.

    Nice theme and obviously done by someone good at what they do. The graphics look professionally done and I like the way people combine the same background colours to acheive that spillover effect – I don’t know the terminology but Zen Garden do a lot of it.

    My own alterations would be to make the sidebar contents centre, not to the left. I don’t mean the text, just the contents – or resize the boxes, although you’d be adding more work on your plate that way.

    I’d also tidy the search bar and the other feature you have below the banner, perhaps a div containing them could be coloured, or an image added behind them. Seems to bit a bit of empty space there.

    Maybe you could push the content more to the left, but thats not a real issue.

    The time and date stamp looks real nice.

    It’s interesting that you mention the centering of the sidebar contents. It’s another bit I have been trying to hunt down. It is indented and most of the tect nearly centered with Firefox, but IE throws a fit and left aligns it all. I’m being told by a friend testing Vista that IE7 has no issues, so it must be an IE6 thing.

    The images on the header and sidebar I did last night. I had to cut and layer the original images so that I could insert photos behind. I then did a small gradient (the term) to shade it from the photo to the texture, then aligned it to meet the repeating texture to the right. On the texture I shaded it to black at the bottom and aligned it to meet the textured portion of the photo to the left.

    Good suggestion on the search bar, I think I will try and reduce a little of the white space up there. I’ll leave the background white though so that it blends with the content below and I don’t have to add more graphics as dividers.

    I did remove the stats box, it just messes up the formatting when I do a right aligned photo with text. Plus the borders never did line up right.

    I have two questions that might be related… advice would be appreciate in any case.

    In IE6, my sidebar contents line up with a brief indent (which I like), but in FF, they shift way over to the right. My margins etc are set with pxs not % or floats, etc. Are help getting FF to indent a small amount?

    Another problem with the sidebar is that when I hover over the last item in the list, the bottom margin breaks and screws up the sidebar. No clue how to fix this.

    Thanks for help!

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