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    First, I think travelify is a great template.
    Simple to use and no nonsense. As far as the version question above, my dashboard says “all themes are up to date.” I do not know the number.
    I have four things I cannot seem to get get done.
    1. I am trying to install a newsletter plug in. The one I am looking at is Wysija. I keep getting errors when I attempt to activate it.
    2. I also would like a google map with directions. I have tried several and all generate errors on activation.
    3. Is there any way to have multiple menus and/or different sidebars? I would like a different menu when on certain pages.
    For instance on my page about bloodworks I would like a list to click on the left sidebar. That is easy. But on my recipe page I would like different things to click on the left sidebar. I cnnot as it is filled with the bloodwork info.
    4. While the theme has the ability for block quotes, I would like to add pull quotes. Is this possible?
    Is there any way of achieving all of this?
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    The site is:


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  • Theme Author Silkalns


    1.,2. Is not theme related issues. I just tested Wysija with my demo site and had no problems. You might look into error details and contact your hosting provider for more info.

    3. No multiple menus or sidebars unless you want to code some custom solution or enable them via help from plugins. There is no such plugin for menus, bet there are loads of plugins for sidebars.

    4. Pull quotes are not part of the defaults WordPress, so you have to enable them via plugins. And again there is plugins for that.

    First of all you need to resolve problems with plugin installation/activation and these are not theme related issues.

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