• kklo



    I would like to know if I can adapt this plugin for service with city tour.
    Ex. The user chooses a ride, chooses an armchair, option of payment with card or Cash, with day and time to begin and end.

    it’s possible?


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  • Plugin Contributor Tony Warwick


    Hi kklo,

    I’m sorry we missed your question, we do not actively monitor the support forums here.

    You’ll find much quicker response times at the support forums on our website and this may no longer be required, but I’ll answer as best I can anyway.

    We would need more details to know for sure but based on the above I don’t think EE would work in the way you are requesting.

    The user would need to choose a ‘ride’ (which would likely be a single event in EE).
    Select from the availabel tickets (which would need to be broken down into the available dates/times for the tour).
    Answer the questions for the event (first name, last name, email and any additionao custom questions you add).
    Then pay.

    The day and time for the ticket is set on that specific ticket, so the user selects the ticket for the date/time they want rather than the user selecting a ticket and then specifying a date/time they want to use that ticket.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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