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  1. Travelgrove
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Hi all,

    Our "Travel-Search" plugin has disappeared from WP's plugin directory a few days ago (on the 28th of April):

    I have read many forum posts on the topic but none of them really helped; I did not get any notification from plugins@wordpress.org although I have already contacted them.

    Apparently the very same thing happened to us as described here:

    What can be the reason our plugin has been removed from one day to the other?
    The source code is still available inside the SVN:

    The plugin is licensed under GNU GPL2, and has "trunk" as stable tag:

    I am not sure what exactly should I change / update in my plugin, and even if I should update and commit the changes, should I contact plugins@wordpress.org again or just wait..?

    Any kind of feedback is welcome since we are pretty new to publishing plugins on WP.

  2. Travelgrove
    Posted 4 years ago #

    UPDATE: Meanwhile I got a pretty quick answer from WordPress' Team from plugins[at]wordpress[dot]org.

    They were saying that a sentence in the plugin's header was not in accordance with GNU General Public Licenve, V2 (it was not indeed), so we have updated the comment header, committed the changes and now we are waiting the plugin to reappear in WordPress' Plugin Directory.

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