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  • @jordy Meow

    Great idea Jordy – This sort of plugin is badly needed since the others all have bugs with 3.6 etc – and don’t seem to be supported any longer.

    Posting this for information and marking status as not a support issue – something to look into for a future update maybe.

    There’s a few bugs – they may be specific to the installations I’ve tested the plugin with. This is probably the most serious if users aren’t careful to test things before deleting a lot of files

    The uploads/wpmc-trash folder is not getting created when deleting a file.
    Checked this on 2 live sites, on different servers – the files just get deleted.

    Both Apache 2.2.23, PHP version 5.2.17, MySQL version 5.1.70-cll

    However, on a local host testing mirror for both these sites, the folder was created. (same local host server for both). Looks like the folder is only created when deleting a file, not when the plugin is installed/activated.

    Must be something with the server setups (one is on shared hosting with Hostgator), the other may be mod_security settings.

    There’s no errors relating to this in WordPress or server error logs.

    1. Tried changing wp-content/upload/ folder permissions to 777 – made no difference
    2. Tried manually adding the wpmc-trash folder – Files still got permanently deleted, not moved to trash folder.

    Just as well I’m careful to test things first, and have backups 🙂

    Quick heads up on other issues – (VERY SPECIFIC to the sites I’ve tried the plugin on)
    Doesn’t recognize files attached to (some) theme custom content types (Gorilla Themes)
    Doesn’t recognize files attached as open graph images (not in content body or featured image, and in special folder)
    Also may be worth looking at for future updates.

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  • Plugin Author Jordy Meow


    Sorry for the late reply. I am very willing to update this plugin and to make it perfect. I am using it for my personal usage and it works very well, however I don’t use it with special themes or plugins.

    It will maybe not clean everything the others plugins and themes will create. I am trying to stay on the careful side : unfortunately people are not careful, just use the plugin without thinking and crash their websites. So I am trying to make the plugin very safe at first before going further in the deletion 🙂

    I tried the current version of the plugin. For me, the folder gets definitely created when deleting a file… and I am also using HostGator. Did you try to debug?




    Thanks for the reply – no problem about the time it took – as mentioned the post was just for your info, not support.

    I must admit I didn’t try any serious debugging… I was just interested in the plugin and doing some tests. Wasn’t a requirement from a client, and didn’t have time to put in for my own interest.

    Don’t worry about trying to make the plugin work with the Gorilla themes – there’s a lot of non-standard stuff in those.

    You’re right about many people being careless – It pays to backup everything regularly.

    Maybe I’ll get time to do more fiddling some time 🙂

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