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[resolved] [closed] Transposh not allowing editing of numbers/dates (21 posts)

  1. ninnypants
    Posted 4 years ago #

    We've been using Transposh for spanish translations of our website,and it's working really well.

    We have an editor that is going through and cleaning up some of the translations, but we're running into some trouble in our events section. Since it's being translated from en to es the dates need to be reversed, but Transposh doesn't seem to allow you to edit numbers/punctuation is this normal behavior for the plugin?

  2. Ofer Wald
    Plugin Author

    Posted 4 years ago #

    This is the normal behavior, however you can change that by modifying the top of parser.php

    good luck

  3. EffortlessEnglishClubPl
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Hey... can you lead a blind man through the changes that need to be made?

  4. Ofer Wald
    Plugin Author

    Posted 4 years ago #

    Can't lead a blind man, just look at the top of that file.

  5. EffortlessEnglishClubPl
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Lol...I did....darn it...

    * Date: Tue, 02 Aug 2011 03:11:42 +0300
    define('PUNCT_BREAKS', TRUE); // Will punctiations such as , . ( and such will break a phrase
    define('NUM_BREAKS', TRUE); // Will a number break a phrase
    define('ENT_BREAKS', TRUE); // Will an HTML entity break a phrase
     * parserstats class - holds parser statistics
    class parserstats {

    I changed the trues to false and nothing changed. In the mean time, the whole plugin stopped working. Switching langauges doesn't do anything anymore....well, not exactly....Some of the module titles get translated but most things do not. (if you look at the site, don't get confused, there are a couple of articles written in Polish but most of it is in English.)

    This was all working yesterday morning. I have a very active group of a couple of people who have been correcting translations for the last couple of weeks. Now, they are pretty much stuck.

    Don't get me wrong, I don't think the little change I made caused this to not work. I changed it back obviously but it was during this time I noticed it stopped working.


    Image of my settings

    Something else, it says that I should have a cache plugin, such as wp-super cache...I do :) Transposh doesn't see it. Is there something I need to change?

    Thanks again for a Great plugin.


    ps. where might I find the human translations? The translations via google don't break the sentences in the correct places because the grammar is pretty complex. We need to get into the 'guts' of the thing.


    pss. I'm really not that blind, I just hadn't looked before I lept. I know my way around wordpress and plugins, no programmer here but I can get around. One of those guys who knows enough to get into trouble but not enough to get out of it.

  6. Ofer Wald
    Plugin Author

    Posted 4 years ago #


    First, you have something wrong with jQuery on your site, probably some old version or another thing, take a look at your js console.

    the "complaint" is about lack of in-memory cache plugin, such as apc or memcached, and it is just a warning, nothing too harsh

    let me know how you fare,

    Good luck

  7. Hi.. I hope you see this this weekend.

    I finally have time today and tomorrow to look for my problem.

    You say I probably have a jQuery problem. Unfortunately I don't understand jQuery. I will go read up on it now.

    For some reason transposh stopped working. I don't know why nor do I know how to look at my 'js consol' I understand a bit of java script but only how it calls information from another file and processes this information. I do not know know where or exacty what the js consol is.

    If you get this and have a moment, it would be great if you could give me a hand.

    If there is anything I can help you with... :) I'd be more than happy.

    This is a Great Plugin and I do appreciate it very much. My students like it and there are a few who actively translate although at the moment we're kinda stuck.


  8. Something to look at....

    If you change the language only some of the widgets translate. It used to work GReAT...It used to translate all the standard wp text also, like the date and comments...now none of those are working but as I said, some of the titles to widgets are translated. I'm goin nuts...

  9. Ofer Wald
    Plugin Author

    Posted 4 years ago #

    A link to your site will help...

  10. Great....Just call me stupid....


  11. I just reactivated the widget. You can see there is some funny things happening with the layout and when you click the dropdown.

  12. I have no idea what I've donw, but more of the plugin is working again...

    Now it's only not translating the main menu and a widget title. Not sure where or what to look for.

  13. Ofer Wald
    Plugin Author

    Posted 4 years ago #

    Come on,

    You have the error
    init.js:1Uncaught ReferenceError: jQuery is not defined
    (anonymous function)init.js:1

    This is either your template, or another mess up with jQuery, nothing to do with us, please fix your site, or pay someone who can if you are unable to.

    Good luck

  14. Wow,

    I wasn't expecting to get chastised. Thanks for the sarcastic unnecessary remarks. If I new what all that Sh1t meant, I wouldn't be here asking for help.

    When I said, 'call me stupid'...I didn't mean it literally.

    Thanks for nothing...well, nothing worthwhile anyways.

  15. Ofer Wald
    Plugin Author

    Posted 4 years ago #

    Nobody is calling you stupid, however you are expecting us to solve your site issues which are irrelevant to our plugin, you asked for help, and you got it, and you can't use it, and than you complain.

    Do what suits you, I have no further suggestions to you.

  16. Oh I wasn't complaining, i just thought the tone of your comments was a little 'It's not my damn fault, it's yours' and 'if you aren't able to do it, go pay someone, (idiot)' was a little unnecessary.

    I didn't attempt to 'blame' your plugin, it just stopped working and I didn't and still don't know why.

    I called out for help, like the person who started this thread. I got the same kind of help. "Coder help".

    This is the normal behavior, however you can change that by modifying the top of parser.php

    good luck

    Modify it how? I questioned that even.... and got nothing useful that's helpful.

    I asked about what the jconsol was...you didn't even mention it...you just pointed out the problem and said fix it or pay someone.

    the "complaint" is about lack of in-memory cache plugin, such as apc or memcached, and it is just a warning, nothing too harsh

    let me know how you fare,

    I did let you know how I fare and you continue to write to me like a coder and give me more "coder speak" which I ask for a little more guidance and get 'ugly' answers.

    I didn't ask you to login and fix my site, I simply asked a few more questions about where to find answers.

    Obviously that is NOT here.

    Once again, thanks for nothin.

  17. Ofer Wald
    Plugin Author

    Posted 4 years ago #

    I see that you prefer to be offended by nothing, and to have the last word as well...

    I guess that when your refrigerator (oven, sink, car, whatever) broke down, you hired someone to fix it for you, I guess you didn't ask on forums, got some answer you could not cipher because you lacked the technical skill (change the compressor, check gas levels) and went on to bash the guy who answered you. This is not something trolls do in real life, do they?

    So I suggest that you report my plugin as broken, vote it down, keep thanking my for nothing.

    I will thank you in exchange for the payment I relieved for my advice and the time spent looking on your site (oops, there's none of that)

    I will also thank you for the time you took to try and understand what a java script console (jsconsole) inside a browser is, you probably googled it, right (my guess is you didn't even bother)

    My last thanks, is that by your attitude you have given me a good lesson regarding giving free support for people who believe they own you because they installed some free software. Obviously you believe that there is something I awe you. so no, NOT here.

  18. Oh I'm not offended, yo don't offend me, but you surely don't impress me either.

    I've contributed to a wide variety of plugins. I've paid for many a plugin and always been willing to help with translations or what ever I can do for coders. If fact, I am translating a calendar plugin at this very moment.

    I never accused your plugin of being a problem I just came here looking for a little help when it stopped working. It appeared that you were willing to help until I didn't understand one of your explanations.

    I am sorry that I am not as good as you and know everything such as yourself. Yes, I use Google quite often to find solutions because I don't claim to know everything.

    You on the other hand appear to know it all and aren't willing to share anything without getting paid... Well, had you been a little nicer, and maybe talked with a 'less experienced' guy, you just may have been paid.

    You my friend are having a pretty bad day, no more like week...maybe longer but who am I to judge.

    You want the last word? Go for it. Or you could let this be the last word. Either way, I could care less.

    Have a Nice Day!

  19. Everyone needs to calm down a bit here.

    Ofer Wald - He's not trying to offend you or insult you. BUT you're at a point where you need to start providing support to non-tech people in non-tech terms. A lot of users don't know the ins and outs of JS, and would like some help. If you can help them, great. If not, it's okay to say "I'm sorry, I don't have enough free time to fix that for free." A lot of us say that all the time.

    NES - Watch out with the sarcasm in these arguments, eh? The fuel the fire when we don't want it to ;)

  20. Ofer Wald
    Plugin Author

    Posted 4 years ago #

    @Ipstenu , If the guy is not trying to offend, I am not sure what he is doing, however, support from me is not something he is likely to get, whichever name he chooses to post in.

    I will also put a simpler note regarding the payments, I have never asked anyone to be paid for support, and I would repeat, with capital letters, separated with whitespace so the non-tech guy might be able to read it,

    N E V E R.

    I won't start counting the number of hours I have put into this free support, and the number of times I logged into user sites just to find nothing wrong in my code (for the times something actually was wrong)

    I will also note, that I have taken the time to look at this "person" site, he has a broken javascript, not even slightly related to the plugin I am supporting (again, for free). Instead of actually trying to fix his site, or getting the help he need (might be he need more help than just webmastering, but I am not being un-sarcastic here) he thinks he will achieve something with his messages.

    He actually did.

    Good night.

  21. There are nicer ways to say 'No.' Ofer Wald. The money thing doesn't matter if you don't want it to.

    NES, the answer is this: He doesn't want to provide that level of support at this time. Some of it is outside the scope of his plugin.

    I'm closing this thread. NES, please feel free to open your own thread about this, and maybe some of the other volunteers want to pitch in. Ofer Wald, you are under no obligation to reply, so don't feel like you have to. I mean that sincerely.

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