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  • I would like to use my WordPress header on another mini-site. I would like to retain the formatting and functionality of the header (at least for the most part), which includes the links to the WordPress site pages.

    I do NOT need to have it all linked into the WordPress system; i.e., I just want it to look the same.

    So I *think* what I need is a plain HTML version of what is happening at the top of my page, stripped of all the references to this style sheet or that library or blah blah blah. It’s fine if the links don’t work; I can easily add them back in.

    Is there an easy way to obtain this code in a simple block such that I can simply paste it into another site’s code and modify it as appropriate so that it will work?

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  • use your browser’s View Source to open the source code the browser is seeing. there will be only HTML & possibly javascript in that page. use it as your starting point to make the new HTML page

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