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    I have a site with the NEAT theme, I’ve modified the theme and uploadet a transparent gif as header image. But the header isn’t transparent.

    What am I doing wrong!

    Is it in the css? the header.php or is it because in using a header rotator?

    Please help


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  • If you could post a link to the page in question, that would make it much easier for those of us without psychic abilities to try and help! 🙂

    Well, there’s a wp install at the link from his name…. looks like maybe this theme has an image rotator script? Don’t know if that’s part of the problem or not. I’m not seeing any image at all….

    I just checked it in FireFox and it’s working fine.

    Yup, loading now…. must have had a bog there…. nice wedding pic!

    I don’t know if I’ve moved permanently to outer space or not: I followed the link for the user name and everything looked fine, so I just assumed that it was another site!

    Hi guys.

    It was another site. I’m sorry that I havn’t responded earlier. I’ve been busy making budget for the house I live in.

    The page was

    It was because we changed the concept, and don’t want a transparent header anymore.

    I found out that by changing things in the CSS, from white to transparent I got some effect. When the header is transparent the sidebar is shorter than the content.

    So my wife changed her mind and the header is no longer transparent. So I just need to adjust the side paddings.

    Thank you very much for being here even though I were not.


Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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