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  • Plugin Author David Gewirtz


    First, I want to say a HUGE thank you to the folks doing translations. When you finish one, contact me here and and I’ll make sure to get the translation into distribution.

    This sticky board is so you can let folks know you’re working on a translation and to discuss any general translation issues. For problems and specific items needing my attention (like bugs, etc), post those as regular support items.

    The idea of this sticky board is to make sure each of you knows who is working on what language.

    Again, thanks to everyone. This rocks!


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  • I am using Transifex to translate it to Portuguese.

    The project is at
    If anyone want to use it for their language, just ask there.

    Hello everyone! I’ll be translating to Spanish (Mexico).

    I’ll be doing German. Give me until June 26 to send it to David. It’s up to him how fast he will integrate the translation into the plug-in. If anyone wants to join, I’ll be doing a public document in which anyone who is German can add to accomplish the work faster:

    To add the document click here

    Hi, I’ll do it in French (from France). Anyone willing to help/contribute can contact me. I’m not sure how it is possible to collaborate on a translation, this being my first one, but you can help me find out.

    Great work David!

    Hi everyone
    Just want to say that the German translation is done so far.
    Thank you to everyone who participated! I never experienced something like this. Just yesterday I started a public document for translation and already today everything is done!
    Really amazing! Thumbs up everyone

    @ austmathr: How far are you with the Spanish translation? I’d like to join you if it’s possible. I think I’ll be doing it just as with the german translation, that I’ll open a public document in which people can add Spanish translations and maybe you could already add the part that you translated? That would be really awesome if we could get this translation done together.

    Anyone who speaks Spanish is welcome to add the translation, though the translation is more going to be Latin American Spanish.

    To add to the document, click here

    @alex, I just finished! You can download if you want to review my translation 🙂

    David, you can download my final translation of LA Spanish here:

    Nice job!
    Looks all nice and tight. Just one thing. For the second “Nombre” at the end you forgot to place a ” : ” behind it.
    Thanks a lot!

    Hi David, I finished translating it in French (from France). It was my first plugin translation. I have been translating hundreds of books and articles and this is a new experience.
    You can download it here:

    Plugin Author David Gewirtz


    These are great. I’ll grab them this weekend and add them into 4.0.2. If you want your name credited on the main page, just let me know either here or via the page.

    Thanks again. You’re doing something really awesome for some very special organizations.


    @alex, thanks for pointing that out. It seems that I missed more than one colon, not only the one you pointed, thanks!

    @david, kindly use this updated version. It is a very minor revision:

    Best regards,

    I have translated it in italian (for my site). I hope everything is correct, it’s my first plugin translation too, i have used transifex.

    How would I show the French translation? I am using WPML. I do not see a settings either in the Seamless Donations to switch languages. Sorry if it sounds like a beginner question.


    I made an update of my seamless donation plugin 4.0.2 and after that my donation page does not display properly : we see only the header . To see the Donations page you must click on the red button at the top right. This is the adress of my site :

    thank you.

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