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  • I really like the plug-in so I bought the pro version to have also the 2FA functions. I even contributed with some translation text for 2FA of the free plug-in on and helped in getting the Dutch translation percentage of the plug-in above 90% so a translation package was published on, 3 days ago (November 7th).

    Quite disappointed to hear from iThemes support ‘As for the translation issue, We do not offer any translations for Security Pro/iThemes Products.’, I thought I got an upgrade and didn’t realize for the translations I paid for a downgrade.

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  • Hi Deddo,

    Just wanted to share that I’m currently figuring out how to move/merge the Dutch translation strings for the free plugin into a Dutch translation for the pro plugin (The good news is that, preliminary results seem to indicate that, yes, it can be done).

    The free plugin includes a total of 1721 strings versus 2505 for the pro plugin. The free and pro plugin have a little more than 1600 strings in common. Which boils down to almost 65%. That means there is 35% of pro strings left to translate (Roughly 880 strings, which is a lot, but doable).

    As soon as the Dutch translation for the free plugin is at 100% at (currently 96%, so only 60 strings left to translate) I’ll be able to get the exact figures.

    Once moved/merged there is still some work to do:

    1. Translate the ~880 pro strings into Dutch.

    2. Use a tool to generate the pro .json translation files from the completed pro .po translation file.

    3. Actually test the Dutch iTSec Pro translation (.po, .mo and .json files) in WordPress.

    4. Figure out how to offer translation updates for the iTSec pro plugin outside (GlotPress).

    I guess I’ll be busy this winter 😉

    +++++ To prevent any confusion, I’m not iThemes +++++

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    Thanx for helping out. I am new to and also not that experienced in WordPress,but learning fast.

    Did some small batches until now but for sure can do more, so count me in for at least 50% of the transalations of both versions. This week will be more difficult for me as I am away from home, but next week for sure, maybe a Sinterklaas present 😉



    No, problem.

    The Dutch translation for the free plugin is now at 100% at so below the final numbers (after a merge):

    Number of strings in common: 1628 (64,99%)
    Number of Pro strings to translate: 877 (35,01%)

    Currently investigating step 2, how to (easily) generate the .json files from the Pro .po file. It’s missing 877 translations but that won’t stop us from moving forward. The goal is to find out the best/easiest way to generate the .json files from the Pro .po file. It will (hopefully) also produce a set of language files we can already test in the (current) iTSec Pro 7.0.3 plugin.

    There is no point in investing a lot of time translating 877 strings if it turns out the whole project is not viable 😉
    (So far, so good …)

    I’ll keep you posted of any progress.

    Turns out WP-CLI (Command Line Interface) can be used to extract the javascript translation strings from a single .po file into multiple .json files.

    We can simply use ‘wp i18n make-json it-l10n-ithemes-security-pro-nl_NL.po’.

    Where it-l10n-ithemes-security-pro-nl_NL.po is the translation file that resulted from merging the pro .pot file with the free translation.

    Note the file name must use the pro (translation) text domain (it-l10n-ithemes-security-pro).

    So I’m all set to generate a first set of translation files for a test ride in the pro plugin.

    Stay tuned 😉

    Thread Starter Deddo Wiersma



    Thanx, never heard of the WP-CLI interface so just installed it, nice!

    Did a fresh install of the normal version 8.0.2 and noticed that the latest Dutch language pack (.mo+.po and 100 json files) was already included, nicex2!
    Have the Pro version 7.0.3 on another development site and see the ithemes-security-pro.pot file in the /wp-content/plugins/ithemes-security-pro/lang directory.

    Copied and renamed the two files (.mo+.po) from the free version to the wp-content/languages/plugins/ithemes-security-pro directory and renamed them to:

    The .pot file contains 2.506 empty msgstr. The .po file which seems to contain 1.483 translations (wordcount msgstr), so a 1.023 difference. I have now some translated texts visible, but many not.

    One of the texts which is not translated is ‘Choose the security features you’ which I don’t find in the .po file but in two .json translationfiles of the free version:
    – /better-wp-security-nl_NL-54e08d7f6f9238b1c44f0e30ed2fd162.json and better-wp-security-nl_NL-1e6d71d8fd86a4d9ffb4e628d7a4d8d0.json but not in the .pot file of the pro version and in /wp-content/plugins/ithemes-security-pro/core/admin-pages/entries/settings/pages/modules/index.js and /wp-content/plugins/ithemes-security-pro/dist/pages/settings.min.js.

    So I assume we need all translated texts in the .po file and json files together. Tried to copy also the .json files to the pro version directory (and also renamed them to it-l10n-ithemes-security-pro-nl_NL i.s.o. better-wp-security-nl_NL), but no effect 🙁

    In good English ‘left or right’ we will get there, so I am ready to start translating, can you help me with:
    – how this works exactly/explaining what will be the end result: one .po file or a combination of files?
    – how can I start translating/ can you send me your it-l10n-ithemes-security-pro-nl_NL.po file?



    I’ve got the process figured out, so yes we’ll definately get there.

    – how this works exactly/explaining what will be the end result: one .po file or a combination of files?

    It will be a combination of files. For the free plugin (GlotPress) manages the split up of translation strings from .php files (stored in a .po/.mo file) and translation strings from javascript files (stored in .json files).

    For the pro plugin we have to do this ourselves using WP-CLI (wp i18n make-json).

    – how can I start translating/ can you send me your it-l10n-ithemes-security-pro-nl_NL.po file?

    I’m currently looking into how we (anyone) can (technically) collaborate to complete the pro translation.

    I’m also thinking about creating/publishing an article that describes the whole process in detail on a test site. There is more than meets the eye when it comes to creating a pro plugin translation based on the free plugin translation. And quite frankly, this (Reviews) isn’t the right place for this kind of stuff.

    So stay tuned, as soon as I know more I’ll let you know.

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