• We started using GTranslate.io over two years ago and have never had an issue. Even when we switched to a sub-domain setup. We were expecting issues when we made this change as it was so far down the line from our initial setup. Just a few clicks and clearing cache, it just works.

    We had tried a number of tools prior to settling on GTranslate.io. When it came down to what we needed, we wanted something that could be set up and left alone to just work. We got that with GTranslate.io.

    When we have had problems on our site, their support team were always quick and fast! to respond and help us. With a busy site like ours, that was something that we have always appreciated. Some of the issues we had were not even due to their plugin. They still helped and answered our questions.

    Today, was another example of great support. We wanted information about a specific need for our website. We wanted to know if their plugin provided that service. We raised the question and within 15 mins we got the answer we needed and could move forward. (Thanks Anna).

    Would always recommend this plugin. The free version is enough for you to test the plugin but the paid for version is what we opted for and we have continued our subscription ever since.

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