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    If you are missing translations or strings are in English after updates, your translation files will need to be updated.

    All translations are made by contributors on the project. This is where you can contribute to translations before/after updates.

    WordPress serves translations for stable projects only, when they are 95% translated. If you find your language is not translated we recommend that you submit new translations now and contact the translation editor to approve the changes.

    You can translate on your WordPress installation too using the Loco Translate plugin.


    1. Install and activate Loco Translate from Plugins > Add new
    2. After installing, go to Loco Translate > Plugins.
    3. Select “WooCommerce-Gateway-Stripe” and then click “edit your language”.
    4. Before starting translating is very important to click in the “Sync” button, so you are really translating strings for the new Stripe version.
    5. Write you new translation and click the “Save” button to save the .po file and compile the .mo file.

    Please note, translations are case sensitive.

    Also if you don’t see the strings translated, try going to your updates page on WordPress and see if any translation updates are available. Secondly you can try changing your site language to English and click on save, then back to the locale you want and save again. This will trigger an update if one is available.

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  • The placeholders “Card number”, “MM” and “YY” on the checkout does not seem to be translatable? I’m using the one field option for all card details.


    @royho If there is no translation editor in my language, who should I request to get the approval? Is that possible to become the editor and approve myself? I am contributing for Chinese (Taiwan) right now.

    Plugin Author royho


    Hi @lionliang I am not exactly sure how that works as they have their own teams. But here is a team page which you can contact someone about



    I just noticed the same as Ben Andersen, there isn’t anywhere where we can translate MM/YY to MM/ÅÅ.



    Hi royho,

    I have been translating WooCommerce Stripe Payment Gateway for fr_FR since version-4.0.1.

    The latest translation is always available for free on my website:

    In the descriptor I always put a copyright.

    A plagiarist copied my translation and put his name on it, which is punishable by the law of the French Republic.

    You should watch your translators more closely,


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    To all those who may be concerned,

    The plagiarist is not the one I thought.

    After a conversation with the person in question, I conclude that the plagiarist is the “crappy” GlotPress program.

    I understand that a translator uses another program than the “crappy” GlotPress to translate extensions and then uploads his .po file.

    The “crappy” GlotPress, which when importing a .po file, credits all the translations to the person who uploads the .po file and overwrites the names of the other translators.

    Again, that person is not the plagiarist, but the “crappy” GlotPress.

    Shame on WordPress who is a complicit plagiarism of the “crappy” GlotPress.


    I created the file:
    I used Poedit
    I copied and set the permissions under woocommerce-gateway-stripe/languages

    Don’t work….


    Hi vincenzovissub,

    Put it in: /wp-content/languages/plugins/

    Hoping it will work fine.


    Hi again vincenzovissub,

    I forgot to tell you that you have to name your translation:


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    work fine

    Hello, sorry for raising the question again, but I couldn´t find a working solution for it in the forum.
    The fields “Kartennummer” and “MM/JJ” (in my case in German) seem to be determined by the language of the stripe account and are not translated by the po/mo files. (in particular the po-files do contain the translations)
    SayWhat only replaces strings, but doesn´t translate them into different languages.
    Would be great, if someone found a solution for it and can post it.
    Thanks a lot! Stefan

    Hi! I did my contribution to the plugin translating it to Catalan, but I’m waiting on approval for more than a week. Can you tell how long does it take normally for approval of translations?

    The Catalan language is currently in less than 95% but with my contribution, we should arrive at this 95%.



    I also have this problem with the “Card number fields” for French.
    I tried everything explained but still no luck. I even tried changing my account language in my Stripe settings.

    Could you please guide us as how we should fix this issue?

    Many thanks and best regards,

    Hi Swissprice,

    Donload my translation and change the name to fr_CH and all should be OK.


    Hello @tuteurweb,

    Thank you for your kind reply.

    I tried, although it didn’t work. I still haven’t been able to find a solution for this…

    Any solution that @royho could suggest? I am about to launch my website and the fact that the payment page is not fully translated might turn off the customers. They will think the website is unsafe.

    Many thanks,

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