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    Hi there!
    First of all I want to say amazing plugin, I am very suprised it’s free and also very happy with it 🙂
    I have a couple minor issues I can’t solve, so far I was able to CSS everything that needed to match our website, wich went great changing the buttons and so on.
    However the first odd thing I see is that in our chat panel to chat with customers, there is a permanent visitor/guest wich is “unknown”, no browser, no duration of session, just permanently this “unidentified” person. Is this an error? And can I get rid of this entry?

    The second thing is translations, I actually came really far translating almost all visible content within the plugin, except for these few fields:

    – End chat button
    – Type here… placeholder

    Could you provide me the php file or line of code I can change this?
    I would also be happy to do it with custom css if possible but thats not really for content just for the looks.

    All other translations either went automatic or had fields in the options to edit them.

    Also I have a suggestion for future updates:
    – The chat box on a mobile device covers the entire screen, it would be a massive upgrade if you could do:
    Desktop : auto pop-up
    Mobile devices : do not auto pop-up (optional) so it nicely loads small and people can see what webpage they are on and enter chat on their own if wanted.

    Other then this we love the plugin, it has more options then anyone could want from it


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  • Plugin Author DylanAuty


    Hi @icarez,

    Thank you for getting in touch and for sharing your experience, we are glad to hear the plugin has met your needs so far!

    With regards to the user which is always visible. May I ask if your server is behind a VPN or alternatively a firewall of some sort? It is possible that this is causing an incorrect reflection of the active visitors.

    Additionally, may I ask you to also try switch to an alternative server under Live Chat -> Settings -> Advanced Features? This may resolve the issue as well.

    With regards to editing the ‘End Chat’ button and the ‘Type here…’ strings please see below for more details on this.

    End Chat Button
    You can edit the wp-live-chat-support/modules/advanced_features.php file and find the string at line 134 (approx.)

    Type here…
    You can edit the wp-live-chat-support/wp-live-chat-support.php file and find the string at line 1039 (approx.)

    Thank you for your suggestions, we will definitely look into these in the future.

    I hope the above information helped?



    Thank you for your quick response, I can see you really know your code 🙂 I don’t often get such a nice detailed response from other plugin. very good!

    The chat button worked, so thats done

    type here… didnt change for me after i edited the file, wich i found strange so i purged my cache and OPcache and deleted my browser cookies etc. unfortunatly i don’t think it responds to that particular string.
    This was a good part of the code though, i saw that “user has left and “disconnected” etc. was also there so I took my chance to change those to.
    I even checked it in firefox / chrome and edge but they all still say type here..

    I changed our server policy (i had it set to dedicated because i was hoping to up the refresh rate on website visitors) i changed it back to what we really have wich is a shared hosting standard plan. However the unknow ghost guest stays.
    I uploaded a picture of it here:

    I could ask our hosting if they use a firewall etc. (i think they do) the only problem with this is that for atleast half a day or many hours it worked without this ghost guest there. I have no clue what mutation was done at the moment it popped up but I dont think i have any influence on it.

    This would be an addition to my lasts question, can we make it so the interval between refreshes in the chat panel is shorter? I noticed about a 15-25 sec delay between a visitor coming on the site and the notification in the panel.
    Optimally we would get a notification within 5sec.


    Plugin Author DylanAuty


    Hi @icarez,

    My sincerest apologies for the delay in response. You may have noticed that we are working on a priority security update presently which aims to harden the overall security of the plugin to prevent any exploits from occurring.

    In addition to this, we are moving a lot of our external code into the core plugin, which we believe, should improve the overall stability of the system.

    Unfortunately, changing the refresh rate is not currently supported, however, with the new version we are working on we believe we should be able to get rid of the ‘ghost’ guest you mentioned previously.

    Thank you so much for your patience on this one.

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