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  • Hello, I would like to translate messages and emails into Polish. I use the popular WPML plugin for translations on my website. I have not found anywhere in the documentation whether Booking Activities works with WPML. I found information that it works with qTranslate X, but it has not been updated for almost 4 years

    Is there any way to use WPML for translation? I’ve tried translate with WPML but it didn’t work very well.


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  • Plugin Author yoancutillas



    Indeed there is no official support of WPML for now.
    This is planned, but pending for more votes to increase the development priority. I add your vote, thank you!

    I am aware that qTranslateX is deprecated unfortunately. But it is still operational; for reference, the demo website works with qTranslateX.

    You can also try qTranslate-XT, the -unoffical- successor of qTranslateX, it is currently developed.
    – Dowload the latest release here (click on Assets > “Source code (zip)”)
    – Extract the zip
    – Rename the folder to “qtranslate-x” (/!\ important)
    – Upload it via FTP in wp-content\plugins

    You will need to test it thoroughly with Booking Activities to make sure it is fully supported. I have made a quick test on my side, everything seems to be working.

    You will need to update it manually too (delete the old folder via FTP first, and then, repeat the the four steps above with a newer release).

    Yoan Cutillas

    Thread Starter wellmadeonline


    Thanks for quick response.

    Unfortunately, I won’t be able to use the qTranslate-XT plugin on my site because I’m trying to install Booking Activities on an existing page where WPML is configured to translate pages and switch language versions. So I can not give up WPML and it seems to me very unlikely that two translation plugins may work on the same site and not cause conflicts.

    Anyway, thank you for your help, I hope you manage to adapt Booking Activities to WPML in a reasonable period of time because WPML is gradually becoming a standard in the world of WordPress

    I am using WPML a lot. That would be really nice if this extension will support it.

    Plugin Author yoancutillas


    I add your vote, thank you!

    you can add my vote on WPML !!!

    Plugin Author yoancutillas


    Done, thank you!

    My vote too!

    Just testing your plugin: awesome!

    Plugin Author yoancutillas


    Thank you! I added your vote.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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