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[Resolved] translation support

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  • some strings are missing in the activity_sidebar.php

    like this one :
    <h3 class=”activity_heading”>Who’s Online</h3>

    it line 2801 on functions.php

    // set block identifier
    						$block_name = __( 'paragraph', 'commentpress-core' );
    					// set paragraph text
    					$paragraph_text = $block_name.' '.$para_num;
    					// set permalink text
    					$permalink_text = __('Permalink for comments on ', 'commentpress-core' ).$paragraph_text;
    					// define heading text
    					$heading_text = sprintf( _n(
    						// singular
    						'<span class="cp_comment_num">%d</span> <span class="cp_comment_word"><strong>Comment</span> on</strong> ', 
    						// plural
    						'<span class="cp_comment_num">%d</span> <span class="cp_comment_word">Commentaires</span> pour ', 
    						// number

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    same things for the line 2696

    Plugin Author Christian Wach


    Thanks for the report, @syrinx87. I will make sure the strings you point out are translatable in the next update.

    Plugin Author Christian Wach


    Okay, I’ve fixed those strings in the latest code on GitHub. They’ll be included in the next WP repo release, but in the meantime you can grab the code from:


    I’m afraid there are sections of the code that are less than ideally constructed for translation, due to my limited knowledge of the process. Please let me know if you find anything else and I’ll do my best to help. Won’t mark as resolved so you can post further issues in this thread.

    Cheers, Christian

    Plugin Author Christian Wach


    Sorry, marked as resolved by accident!

    Plugin Author Christian Wach


    Hi syrinx87, I mentioned this on another thread, but are you also aware that the .pot file included with the plugin is out of date? The 3.5 file can be found here on GitHub.

    Hi Needle !
    I’m new to github but I’ll take a look at the files…

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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