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  • Resolved 8tintin


    Great theme.
    It would be nice to translate it. Have you planned to prepare the theme for translations?

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  • Theme Author Tim Nicholson


    Hi, 8tintin. I have built the theme with full support for translations. Meaning I have used official WordPress functions around all hard-coded text. However, I think there is something I need to do in WordPress to generate a .pot file which I think is what you’d need to copy over to translate it. I’ll look into how to do that.

    Theme Author Tim Nicholson


    8tintin, I used a plugin to generate a .pot file that you then copy over, edit, and rename as a .po file. I can tell you that the strings look a little messy, meaning that there are some special characters in them.

    I’ve also made some fixes to the next release candidate of the theme where there were incorrect text domains specified in my code. That means this file is missing a few text strings.

    Please email me and I’ll send you the .pot file that you need. I have more work to do on the next version of the theme before I can release it.

    Nice, thank you Tim!

    Don’t worry about the strings of the po file, I have fought a lot of them 😀

    What is your email adress?
    I have a contact form in one of my pages, can you use it to send me your email adress?


    Theme Author Tim Nicholson


    I sent you my email adress.

    I got it, thank you!

    I have downloaded this great theme and currently figuring everything out. The PO file does not seem to have everything in it. I cannot translate the “Read more” for posts.

    Will there be a complete PO file at some point? If so I’d be happy to contribute to the Danish translation.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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