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    there’s so little displayed text – if you give me pointers, show me some examples on how to add the locale text changes, I’ll give it a go myself.

    I did make some changes:

    I hope your version control detects the changes

    Plugin Contributor alanft


    Thank you so very much – I really appreciate that. It’ll take a bit of integrating it into the latest dev version, but not a great deal.

    Will it take much to add to the list of languages? Apologies – this is probably easy to lookup.

    Looks like I’ll be doing a live update soon (cos of 3.5) so I will be adding this in, so expect a credit!

    Just run this

    xgettext --default-domain=widget-logic --language=PHP --keyword=__ --keyword=_e --sort-by-file *.php

    in the plugin folder.
    You will get a .po-file which is actually the .pot-file.
    Rename it to widget-logic.pot and send it to me so I can add it to the translation platform.
    I will do a German translation and set up a few more open languages. From the platform you can download all language files after they are translated completely (or partially).
    As soon as the deployed version allows it I will set you as “Project manager” so you can add new languages and have more rights on the platform.

    Plugin Contributor alanft


    thanks – i remembered there is a ‘generate POT file’ function for WP plugin repository users, so I’ve done that.

    Check out the DEV version now, and see if that works right – i’ve left in your two -de_DE files…

    Let me know so I can release this asap with the 3.5 fixes in it too.

    looking pretty good but I found one mistake in my German translation. Correction:

    Except for that it looks ready 🙂

    Plugin Contributor alanft


    i’ve checked those in to the main repository

    will work on a release very soon

    Additions in dl:
    1st: To give the translation the finishing touch I found how to translate the description displayed on the plugins page in the wp-admin area. -> added Text Domain, Domain Path + refreshed .pot, de.po,, project@translate

    2nd: added translation link to readme.txt
    3rd: bumped tested wp version to 3.5

    Added it to the dev version:

    A few things for you to consider:

    SET Plugin URI in widget-logic.php to (its more or less the standard/ best practice + your author link still brings the user to your site)

    ADD foe-services-labs to Contributors in readme.txt to give me some credit (not really necessary because translation is just very minor part of the code and work)


    Plugin Contributor alanft


    advice gratefully received! i will take a look at all this before I publish the update. thanks again!

    correction: (last for this whole topic, I swear)

    ADD ‘Foe Services Labs’ to Contributors …

    Thanks for being so open 🙂

    Plugin Contributor alanft


    I think i’ve followed all your suggestions if you want to check the DEV again.

    Seriously, thanks for all this

    I am very sorry but I found 3 more strings that needed translation support + translation.

    This is definitely running smoothly, is 100% translated and ready for release.

    I am very happy to help. Just keep an eye on . I hope it will grow and pick up more and more projects.

    Thank you for the pretty useful functionality.

    Plugin Contributor alanft


    ok, that’s in place in the dev too if you want to take a pass again

    line 87 – 109 have changed in the last package.

    Please copy them because of the gettext code

    Plugin Contributor alanft


    sorry, missed that. i’ve updated the extra 3 lines now.

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