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    I’m trying to translate WordPress into danish, but there’s a couple of things I’m not to sure of…

    I ran into the strings “Category slug,” “Post slug” and “Page slug”. I’ve seen the strings on the write-new pages, but haven’t got the slightest idea what it is – searching the codex didn’t help much either (it seems to be hopelessly outdated).

    I know the translation for “slug” in this context should not be “snegl,” which means snail, but then what? What is it? What does it do?

    And yes, I know this it not plugin-related, but this forum did seem to be the proper place – correct me if I’m wrong…

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  • I think it’s already in Danish? Did you see here?

    *Sigh* I checked that page yesterday, and could only find some terrible, half-finished translation-file for v1.2… 🙁
    Well, thanks, anyway… 🙂

    That page seems to be for, so you would still want to update it to 1.5.2 for security purposes.

    Your question is still interesting tho. I know what they mean by post slug, etc, but when I think of slug alone, I am not sure what the proper definition would be. So I can understand your confusion on that. 🙂

    I even looked it up at and the only thing that seemed to remotely fit (to me anyway) is an old printing term “a usually temporary type line serving to instruct or identify”.

    GAGE Canadian Dictionary:
    sluga brief headline to indicate the subject of the material

    Yep, I’m still doing my own translation, as the existing one is filled with HTML-entities, which causes validation of my UTF-8 encoded site to fail…

    However, his translation didn’t help me much either – the string “Comment slug” he only translated half into “Kommentar-slug.” “Kommentar” is the correct translation for “Comment,” and though there is a danish word spelled “slug,” I doubt it’s appropriate here – in english it translates into “swallow”… 🙂

    moshu, so it’s sort of like a tag-line for the post? I noticed that whatever I put in that field also becomes the permalink…

    Yes. If you don’t put there anything it is automatically created from the title; e.g. from my blog –
    but in this post I have put in mnually a shorter “slug”:

    Okay, I get the idea. But how to translate it, without actually give a full explanation?
    Hmmm… I’ll have to think about that… 🙂

    And so far I have only been anble to come up with “Kort titel”, which is far from the original – it translates to “Short title”…

    If there isn’t a word for it in danish yet, make one up! 😉

    Short Title sounds alright. In wordpress, slugs are ‘sanitized’ so a post title of “My Beautiful Website” becomes “my-beautiful-website” … it also takes out non-alphanumeric characters. You could work off “sanitized” or “cleaned title” or something. Good luck

    Got it: I’m going with “Kort titel (for permalink)” (“Short title (for permalink)”). That ought’a do it!
    Thanks for all your help, everyone! 🙂

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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