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    I’ve found what I’m looking for in MarketPress and am extremely thankful for its existence. I’ve been happily translating the plugin with great success, and am nearly ready to go live with my shop.

    That being said, one little problem remains that I am unable to solve.

    Specifically, one of the “Email Notifications” messages remains untranslated in parts.

    While my “New Order” message uses my translated strings for ORDERINFO and SHIPPINGINFO correctly, the “Order Shipped” message nevertheless reverts back to the English versions, namely for the words “Items:”, “Order Total:” and the shipping address details (“Full Name:”, “Address:” et cetera).

    What could possibly cause this problem?


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  • Hello there,
    Just a clarification, your issue is on the sent emails, right? Not the dashboard or anything like that.

    Please advise,

    Yes, sent mails only, and only with the “Shipped” e-mail.

    Hey there.

    Those messages are defined from:

    Admin –> Products –> Store Settings –> Messages [TAB]

    Take care.

    Timothy, the messages are yes, but the actual words and strings used by the MP “codes” ORDERINFO and SHIPPINGINFO, when they are printed into the messages, are translated in the translation files.

    I would very much like to get strings like “e-mail”, “address” etc show in the correct language. Right now, like I explained, the strings are only printed in the correct, translated language in the “New Order” message.

    I hope I am able to accurately convey to you the distinction between the actual message, the MarketPress codes, and the actual translated strings that are used by the codes.

    All the strings are translatable, at least in the full version of MarketPress. Perhaps you need to refresh/update your language file.

    Confirmed they are properly wrapped in the lite version as well.

    I wouldn’t have even made this thread in the first place if I didn’t get correctly translated code string output in one of the messages, but… in this instance, when the same MP “codes” (ORDERINFO and SHIPPINGINFO), produce a different-language output in different messages, what the heck can I do?

    Trying to fix the translation file doesn’t really help, since the translated do output correctly in one of the two aforementioned messages (as well as elsewhere on the website, like on the “shipping” page of the checkout).

    Bummer 🙁

    Second: Which language are you translating to?
    Since the ‘update’ to this plugin has still not dropped, you might want to try the version we patched:

    Also, since there is not coordinated effort to collaborate and share translations, we would love to add your language to our ‘unofficial’ language repo for MarketPress Lite:

    Note: We are in no way associated with WPMUDEV. We just have had to patch the free version of the plugin while we wait for the next version.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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