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  • Hi,
    I am setting up a site in English and Spanish and was able to get WPML blogging software. I originally thought that this package came complete with it’s own in house translating software, but it seems that it only manages your translations for you (meaning that you must do the translations yourself). The organization that will use the website does not know English and wont be able to do the translations. Does anyone know the best solution for this situation. Maybe I’m missing something with WPML, but it doesn’t seem to actually make any translations.


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  • Thank you Sammy B… You just saved me some hours of potentially wasted time.

    Just one more question Samuel…How can I go about switching the language of wordpress itself, so that the dashboard and all the options are shown in Spanish. Also is qtranslate an alternative to WPML? In other words, should I now deactivate my WPML?

    looks like I just solved part of it. Getting rid of WPML has allowed the dashboard to change correctly to spanish, like I wanted. But, I still can’t find the qtranslate translation interface, where you can choose what type of translation you want. Either professional, built in, etc…

    OK…I’m down to a single specific question/issue. Where is the free automated translate in qtranslate??? I’ve got the qtranslate services activated in the options, but the only services are: 1. Professional Human Translations, 2. Live Translation, 3. qtranslate service test. None of these are free (aside from the test, which doesn’t translate anything). Any ideas?

    Yes, I scoured the plugin site already…it has no explanation as to why they say that it includes, and have a screenshot of, free automated machine translation in qtranslate services. In my version, this option is replaced with live translate which is a cash service. Which leads me to the conclusion that there is no free built in translator in qtranslate.

    I guess ask at the support forum – the option is there in my install

    Thanks for helping out and responding…I think it’s possible that this is a newer version. I saw the same question on the forum w no response.

    happy coding,

    Samuel B what version of qTranslate are you running?

    I’m trying to work out which version of qTranslate was the last to have machine translation in it, see if I can’t hack that and the current version together.


    I’m also looking for a Machine Translation option and have come across this issue with qTranslate losing its machine translation facility recently.

    It’s purely speculation on my part but Google are stopping their free translation API on the 1st December 2011 and it’s possible qTranslate have removed it in anticipation of that.

    Google will be offering a paid-for translation API after that but at that point I guess it becomes a more direct competitor to qTranslate’s revenue stream.


Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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